Welcome to the PopCultureTraveler! I’m based in Melbourne, Australia and I created this website to share my experiences and recommendations. I hope you all get to explore the top places in the world and get to eat delicious food from time to time. Here on this website, you can expect a new post at least every three days.

Do you want to know what are the best restaurants, top places to visit, or even what is interesting to watch? You have visited the right place for top recommendations on food, places to visit and things to watch.

Lim Kopi – Melbourne – Malaysian hawker style roll rice noodles and other all-in-one plates

Lim Kopi is located on Little Bourke Street. It’s a Malaysian restaurant serving hawker style dishes including noodles (dry and soup), rice dishes and dim sum. You can order Malaysian favorites like Rendang Beef on Rice for AUD$16.80, Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken for $16.80, Char Kway Teo for $15.80 and their specialty Cheong Fun […]

One Piece Film: Red – the chance to learn more about the elusive Red-Haired Shanks and be introduced to his songstress daughter Uta

Despite over 100+ manga volumes and 1000+ anime episodes, one of One Piece’s first introduced characters “Red-Haired” Shanks remains elusive even in November 2022. All we know is that he is one of the Five Emperors of the Seas, a former ship hand with Pirate King Gol. D. Roger’s crew, and importantly the one who […]

Getting your mobile phone sim card at Changi Airport – Singapore

For Australians, who wants to pay $10 a day for 500 MB of roaming data? It’s expensive and not worth it. While it may seen like a hassle to have to change your sim card and get a temporary new number, the cost and the ability to get lots of data is worth the inconvenience […]

Mekong Restaurant – Springvale, Melbourne – that restaurant you remember as a child with affordable Vietnamese, Thai and Cambodian dishes

Springvale has changed so much since the 1990s. Buckingham Avenue used to be the main street where all the restaurants and grocery stores were located. Slowly, over time Springvale grew to what it is today with Springvale Central and other complexes. It’s much larger than and more crowded than it used to be. Mekong is […]


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