Welcome to the PopCultureTraveler! This site is about sharing ideas about where you can visit, eat, stay or experience while traveling at home and abroad. I hope my travels to some popular places inspires you to travel and enjoy something new. You can expect a new post at least every three days.

Scoopy Milk Bar – Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Australia – a new store has opened up in an upstairs locale on busy Kingways in Glen Waverley, so prepare to eat some cool, sweet Korean bingsu

My very first introduction to Scoopy Milk Bar was when it was part of the short lived HWKR and during the Noodle Night Market near Federation Square. I fell in love with this Korean dessert, bingsu. It’s so good. It’s sweet, but it’s done with all the right ingredients and is something that you can […]


Yering Station Winery in the Yarra Valley – Yering, Melbourne, Australia – an opportunity to escape Melbourne for a nice meal and wine while overlooking vast plains and interesting architecture

We visited the Yarra Valley on a nice summer’s day in December hoping to escape the confines of the city and do so at a winery for a catch-up and lunch with friends. Yering Station Winery has a wonderful park, water features and modern, upper-end décor. It’s the sort of place you want to visit […]

Cobra Kai – Seasons 3 and 4 – Netflix – for fans of the Karate Kid where the fights look more impressive and story focuses on redemption

Cobra Kai is worth binge watching. Each season has its own build up and self contained story themes. Though the important theme is redemption. All the characters have faults whether past or present that they want to fix. Each season has a set up period for the first couple of episodes and then really builds […]


Welcome to 2022 from PopCultureTraveler – 2 January 2022 – COVID-19 has a new variant, but we are fighting back with vaccines, and also looking to the future and rooting for an Australian Labor Party victory in 2022

Welcome to 2022 from PopCultureTraveler! It’s another year and now it’s two years since our last normal New Years back in 2020. (I’m sure a lot of us wouldn’t mind going back to a pre-COVID-19 world.) COVID-19 is still around, but this time we have vaccines to provide us another line of defense against this […]


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