Whether you are young or old, you know what pop-culture is, whether its the latest thing from Japan, the game the kids are all playing, the latest superhero flick or hottest music artist. We live and breath it everyday whether on the internet, at home or in the streets. I want to show you what’s happening.

About me

I am a Melbourne-based Australian who loves adventure, sightseeing and food. I’ve been all around Australia and many parts of Asia, including Japan, Singapore, Thailand, China (plus Hong Kong) and Malaysia.

Why blog?

I want to share my experiences, my reviews and tips about travelling, because I know preparing for a trip can be both hard and frightening, particularly if its the first time to a place.

I like to think I have a great memory and a sense of direction and feel more than capable to guide others on what they can do on a given day. For example, if you were in Japan, getting to places from Tokyo to other major cities should be straight forward but how about getting from Osaka to Mount Koya or doing a day trip from Osaka to Himeji to Hiroshima and then back to Osaka? I will share my day itinerary with you to show you what you can do in a day.

I love pop-culture, particularly Japanese things whether its anime (from Pokemon, Dragon Ball to Evangelion), video games (from Metal Gear Solid to Final Fantasy), movies (Studio Ghibli to Battle Royale) and cultural activities (tea ceremony to go-karting in the streets), you name it. I make it a mission to be in the know when it comes to pop-culture.

Cool Japan 2019 at Universal Studios Osaka: from light to right: Attack on Titan, Detective Conan, Sailor Moon, Lupin the Third and Evangelion

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