Japan Itinerary – June/July 2019

Japan is a must visit for any person young or old. There are plenty of things you will learn to love and appreciate. Japan represents the ideal place to visit as it contains some of the most alluring, tranquil and impeccable sights in the world. After you visit Japan for the first time, you will learn why people are always eager to make a return.


This is my Japanese Itinerary from 19 June 2019 to 9 July 2019 during Japan’s summer and rainy season. This was my third visit to the Land of the Rising Sun. The aim was to visit the less frequented sights and see Japan beyond its major tourist destinations. I made sure to pack in lots of destinations and places to visit and leave plenty of time to smell the roses.

For people traveling to the Land of the Rising Sun for the first time, I recommend reading my tips (click here).



In the following posts, I will detail each day of my Japan trip by describing what I did with maps, costs and tips.

If you want to see my comprehensive full day itinerary, click on any day below.

1 (19 June 2019)Melbourne to Sydney | Sydney to Osaka – arriving at Kansai Airport and grabbing some 7/11 Michelin ramen
2 (20 June 2019)Osaka – visiting the Grand Front Osaka, Osaka Aquarium, Pokemon Center Osaka and Expocity
3 (21 June 2019)Osaka – a full day at Universal Studios Japan and dinner at Dōtonbori
4 (22 June 2019)Osaka to Himeji | Himeji to Hiroshima | Hiroshima to Osaka – a day trip to Himeji Castle, the Shinkansen and Atomic Bomb Dome from Osaka
5 (23 June 2019)Osaka to Koyasan – the wondrous trip into the mountains and wandering the spooky Okunoin Cemetery
6 (24 June 2019) Koyasan to Fukuoka – taking a Shinkansen to Kyushu and visiting the Pokemon Center Fukuoka and Canal City
7 (25 June 2019)Fukuoka to Huis Ten Bosch | Huis Ten Bosch to Fukuoka – an attractive theme park that will blow you away in many ways
8 (26 June 2019) Fukuoka to Nagasaki | Nagasaki to Fukuoka – visiting the Dutch town of Dejima, eating Champon for lunch and dining at Iron Chef Chinese’s restaurant for dinner
9 (27 June 2019)Fukuoka to Kyoto – fire ramen, seeing monkeys at Arashiyama and a Maiko
10 (28 June 2019)Kyoto – ramen cooking class, Fushimi Inari Shrine and Esperanto Photo Studio
11 (29 June 2019)Kyoto to Nagoya – Supreme/Bape Store and Nabana no Sato
12 (30 June 2019)Nagoya to Takayama – Hida Folk Village and Takayama Old Town
13 (1 July 2019)Takayama to Shirakawa-go | Shirakawa-go to Takayama – visiting Shirakawa-go by bus and eating delicious curry
14 (2 July 2019)Takayama to Kanazawa – visiting the Ninja Temple, dressed in kimono at Kenrokuen and Omicho Market
15 (3 July 2019)Kanazawa to Tokyo – Ginza Pokemon Cafe, Akihabara, and the best ramen in Ikebukuro, Mutekiya
16 (4 July 2019)Tokyo – Nikko for the Kegon Waterfall, Toshogu Shrine and Kanmangafuchi Abyss
17 (5 July 2019)Tokyo – Gotemba Premium Outlets, the Fuji Five Lakes and Mt Fuji
18 (6 July 2019)Tokyo – Tsukiji Fish Market, Ghibli Museum, Shibuya and Roppongi Hills
19 (7 July 2019)Tokyo – teamLab Borderless, Diver City, Iron Chef Michiba and Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa Hanakohro
20 (8 July 2019)Tokyo to Melbourne – morning at Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa Hanakohro and Rabu Ginza
21 (9 July 2019)Melbourne
My Japanese itinerary in the Summer of 2019

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