Crown Towers Perth – Australia – 19 January 2020 – luxurious executive suite and Crystal Club Lounge

Short review

What I liked most: Crown Towers’ pool was fascinating and fun. There are positives and negatives when it is busy, the positive is the atmosphere of was upbeat since people were having a good time, and the negative was people taking up all the best spots and chairs around the pool. If you are into laying about, the pool has an outdoor hot spa and open bar.

What I liked least: The Crown Perth entertainment complex didn’t have much to offer aside from restaurants, hotels and the casino. I would have liked there to have been an arcade or other entertainment like cinemas, karaoke, mini golf or bowling, which is offered at Crown Melbourne.

If you want to see the room I stayed in and the Crystal Club Lounge, check out my YouTube video below.


Getting to Crown Towers

We checked out of our hotel the day before the Hyatt Regency Perth and took an Uber to Crown, which is across the river towards Burswood. In fact, you can take the train to Burswood and walk 10 mins from the station to the complex. In our Uber, we were driven straight to the entrance of Crown Towers, arriving around 12:30 PM. We were greeted by the concierge at the entrance who noted our names and took out luggage to our room.

Inside, the reception was grand with high ceilings and comfy large sofas. I felt like I was walking into a grand palace.

We noticed that around 2:00 PM that the check in line was long. The line actually stretched quite far. Since we arrived around 12:30 PM there was only a few people in the queue. Hence, we were able to walk pretty quickly to the reception counter for check-in. We did feel a sense of relief when we saw how big the line had gotten.

TIP: Arrive early or be prepared for a long wait for check-in.

When we got to the reception counter, we were pleasantly informed that our check-in would take place at the Crystal Club reception. This would be on the top floor of the hotel. We were then escorted from the main reception upstairs to the Crystal Club level.

When we arrived, we had to sit to the side, because another couple were being checked in. We could see that the people at Crystal Club were very inquisitive with guests over how they planned to spend our night at the hotel. We found out later in the evening that the questions would help them decide what gift to leave on our pillows later that night.

We were able to wait by the sofa close the large marble table that served as the Crystal Club reception. The Crystal Club reception was a large spacious room with a dark marble aesthetic. The large windows facing the city was beautiful.

Crown’s Executive Club Suite Room

When it came time for us to check-in. We were given a warm welcome, information about our stay and our room key. We were told we were staying in the Executive Club Suite, a corner room on the 7th floor. We were asked whether we had any special plans and they seemed keen to ensure we had a pleasant stay. We were mainly excited to be at the hotel. We didn’t have many questions.

We went to our room on the 7th floor and as we stepped in, the blinds open automatically showing our surrounds. While the opening of the blinds was impressed, it was sent down by what we saw behind the blinds. Unfortunately, the only real interesting sight around our room was the Crown Metropol and it’s outdoor swimming pool. At first, we thought that was the Crown Towers swimming pool (e.g. we would be able to access), but we later discovered that our swimming pool was much larger and consisted of several different types of pools, including a hot spa and kids area.

Our room was spacious. We had way more cupboard space then we needed. The sofa lounge near the window, office desk and large television were great additions to the room.

By our bedside was a tablet that allowed us to order in-room dining, read information about the hotel’s facilities (eg, gym, events, etc) and read from a large selection of popular newspapers and magazines (like The Guardian, Luxury Escape, PC World, etc).

The bathroom was fantastic. It came with a good range of amenities, two sinks and a comfortable bathtub with a television embedded into the wall. If you decided to take a bath, you could watch the television and have the sound coming from above you.

Crown Tower’s Crystal Club Lounge

We could see from our room that the pools were starting to get busy, but we wanted to visit the Crystal Club Lounge for its afternoon tea before getting ourselves wet.

To ensure we could enjoy the afternoon tea, before 2:00 PM, we went to the Crystal Club to both see the lounge and pick a table from which to enjoy some of the sweets on offer. The Club Lounge was by far the largest I’ve seen anywhere in the world, except an Airport Business Club Lounge. There were plenty of options for seating indoor and outdoors.

At first we grabbed a seat outdoors and ordered some tea and lemon lime bitters as a refresher since we arrived before the session started.

When 2:00 PM ticked over, all the four hidden doors to the kitchen pantry were opened in unison by the Crystal Club staff. It was really cool. I don’t know how many people pay attention to this moment, but its a nice touch.

The afternoon tea consisted of a fantastic selection of cakes, scones, tarts, sandwiches, etc.

There were several breads on offer, but I found a fondness for the toast with olives. The toast was so delicious. Of course, there were macarons, tarts and other treats on offer to snack.

Crown Perth complex

After afternoon tea, we decided to check out the entertainment complex. We walked around the complex to see what other things it housed. We were disappointed as it only took around 10 mins to see everything it had to offer. We saw a few luxury watch stores (like Rolex), some notable restaurants like Nobu, Silks and Bistro Guillaume (but it was clear the selection was smaller than Crown Melbourne).

It seemed that the foyer for the Crown Metropol was a hot spot and served as a meeting spot. There were lots of people sitting on the sofas around the Crown Metropol foyer. From the foyer, you could actually see the various hotel floors and see-through elevator working away. It reminded me of a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory scene. It seemed like a good place to hang out given that almost every sofa was taken around 3:00 PM.

Crown Towers pool

Around 4:00 PM, we went for a swim in the Crown Towers pool. The pool was packed by this time. There were hardly any seats left for us to take by the poolside. If you wanted a fancy seat with shade, you had to pay for them.

I don’t think you need the poolside chairs or shade if you just want to swim. There were several pools to choose from with various floating devices laying about for anyone to take. There seemed to be pools for each age group. If you want a hot experience, the hot spa area is restricted to people over 18 years old. The hot spa is also connected to the outdoor bar so you could order a drink while bathing away.

The pools are a nice place to get photos. You can capture the glimmering windows of Crown Towers or catch a shot of the white looking Crown Metropol.

Evening canapés and drinks

The Crystal Club’s evening canapés and drinks started at 5:30 PM.

We chose a different seat and this time an attendant came to take our drinks order. The attendant was quick and in addition to fetching our drinks also left water on the table. At this time, we could also order alcohol at this time. We ordered their mocktail of the day (which was recommended) and I got myself a Chivas Regal with soda.

The selection of canapés was impression. The canapés session meant more food was on display to choose from. There were things like coquette, spring rolls and quiches. All of canapés were bite sized and delicious looking. I particularly like the tarts and the netted spring rolls.

We noticed that the service was good and prompt.

We were also able to catch a fantastic sight of the sunset over the city. From the hotel, we were able to get nice really nice photos.

When we returned to our room later in the evening, we found that our hosts had left some Koko Black chocolate and some LA Prairie eye cream on a pillows, presumably as a gift for our special occasion.

I remember the sleep and the night being super comfortable. I couldn’t put my finger on whether it was the pillow, mattress or the blanket.


Breakfast at the Crystal Club was a grand affair. There were some really nice selections and surprising ones too. I loved that they had dumplings for breakfast.

You could also order from the a la carte menu. I recommend the french toast over the pancakes, since my wife had the french toast and I had the pancakes. The french toast won hands down because it was super nice and crispy.

I don’t normally do heavy things like danishes, muffins and croissants for breakfast, but the Crystal Club’s selection of pastries were really tempting. I noticed some other patrons happily munching on some crunchy pain au chocolate and had to resist the temptation.

Overall, Crown Towers is definitely an A rating experience with the Crystal Club.


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