COMO The Treasury – Perth, Australia – 23 January 2020 – the hotel you deserve but not the one you know about

We spent the morning and afternoon at Rottnest Island. We saw quokkas all over the island. It’s a great place to do a walk about, but its a shame there not many activities to do other than bike riding and walking.

We came back to the mainland at the 2:00 PM with Rottnest Express boat. We caught the train back into the CBD. We found Perth’s metro to be very reliable, comfortable and efficient.

The COMO is housed inside the State Building in Perth’s CBD and not far from shops on Hay Street. Aside from COMO, the State Building contains 4 bars, 4 restaurants and other stores like a hair salon, chocolate store and coffee cart. COMO The Treasury doesn’t have the big fancy label like Crown Towers or the Ritz, but it more than makes both those hotels pale in comparison. This is the hotel you deserve and didn’t even know about until you spend a night here.

Right before the reception area, we walked past the COMO Treasury’s Lounge and Bar. It’s a spacious lounge with different kinds of heaps of sofa seating setups for all kinds of formal meetups. I can imagine it being a great place for informal business meetings. However on the day we stayed, all day, it was a very quiet lounge, but that may be due to it being a Thursday. The lounge is a full service lounge and you can order from a wine list and there is also an option to do afternoon tea with the option to add a nice array of teas.

The reception area was grand. We were warmly welcome by our hosts who immediately offered wine or sparkling water. We declined because we were stuffed with food by this point, because we had already eaten before arriving. We were then escorted to our room on the second floor. The interior definitely reminded me of an important government building with the wide halls and tall ceilings. The wooden architecture was preserved and had a nice sheen to it.

Our bags had already arrived before we were let into our room.

We were in room 28 on the second floor. We were shown the fittings in our room. Although we had only booked a standard room, we felt the room was very spacious and sizeable. The bathroom was massive and much bigger than both Crown and the Ritz-Carlton’s, noting that we stayed at the executive suite at Crown.

I should also add that before we arrived at the hotel, I received a call about our upcoming reservation the day before. They asked if I was staying for any special reason and I replied that we were. Thus, when we entered our room, we were given a delicious serve of honey cake.

Before our host left us to our own devices, we were offered a turn down service, which we politely declined.

We were told that the bar fridge content was complimentary. This included a bottle of coke, bottle of Noah’s pressed juice, two beers from Western Australia, four sparking waters, milk, soda water and tonic water. We also got a jar of salted cashew nuts, chocolate almonds and short bread. It was all very delectable.

The bed room was big and comfy. The lights options were impressive, there were several options available for setting the mood in the room.

The bath and the bath salts were excellent inclusions. The bathroom space and the several vanity mirrors were equally impressive and big. The space for clothing and our luggage was impressive as it could be stowed away without getting in the way.

Another big plus was that we found that the movies were all free. This meant that we could watch a bunch of movies we hadn’t seen for free. We have Netflix, so we decided to go with movies we hadn’t seen yet. So we watched Dumbo, Aladdin and John Wick 3. The shortbread and cashews were great for a good kickback and flick.

The pool and gym were excellent. The pool was indoor and had a sort of infinity pool feel to it. It was a nice 20 meter pool. Many of the gym equipment seemed new and state of the art. The gym overlooked parts of the city so you could exercise while looking out into the bustling city-scape.

Our host arranged for us to have dinner at the Long Chim, a popular Thai restaurant in the basement of the State Building.

The Long Chim was busy for a Thursday night. We had to sit at the counter. The lights were dimmed and the decor had splashes of everyday Thai things.

We ordered the Boat Noodle, Lamb Ribs and Glass Noodle Salad. The Boat Noodle came with some condiments, chili flakes, fish sauce, sugar and sour chilli sauce. The Boat Noodle had an acquired taste, since the soup was thick due to the animal blood.

The Lamb Ribs were smothered in a nice chili paste and came alongside a healthy mix of picked cucumber, onion and chilies. My wife wasn’t too fond of the Lamb Ribs because the flavors were at odds with each other. I didn’t mind it, but it wasn’t worth talking about.

The Glass Noodle Salad was a nice refreshing dish with a nice sweet, sour and crunchy combination. It was probably the winner of the night, but overall I didn’t feel the dishes blew me away particularly since I love Thai food and I could think of nicer Thai restaurants. It may have been the selection we chose. I would definitely give it another go, because I could see people reallyt enjoying the Pad Thai, spring rolls and curries.

Before bed, we put on a free movie and set the lights to reflect the mood. Romantic. On the screen was John Wick 3.

The next morning, we had breakfast at the Post. Breakfast is complimentary when staying at the hotel.

The Post’s menu follows the Shambala tradition of promoting healthy foods. We were taken to our table and given a nice juice of the day with beetroot, pineapple and other fruits. It was refreshing. We then proceeded to order our breakfast dishes from their menu. I had some poached eggs on a bed of goat’s cheese, kale and mushrooms on a crunchy sourdough. You could choose however many sides you wanted, so I also chose for my sides an avocado and pork sausages. It ended up being a great combination. The sausages were tasty and the avocado was nicely seasoned. I was pleasantly surprised to get half an avocado on my plate when I thought it would only be a few slices.

I would highly recommend staying at the COMO. It was an absolutely delightful and worthwhile experience.

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