Ritz Carlton Perth – Perth, Australia – 24 January 2020 – the sole Ritz in Australia in 2020 and it’s glamorous

What I liked most: The hotel just opened in November 2019. The club lounge was comfortable and luxurious. The views into the city from the infinity pool and Club Lounge were spectacular. I loved that the Club Lounge literally had free flowing food all day.

What I liked least: I wished the pool was bigger and that there were more elevators. The pool is on the smaller end and doesn’t have any shelter from the elements. There were only two elevators for guests for 20 floors.


The Ritz Carlton is located right next to the Bell Tower on Elizabeth Quay. If you walk towards Elizabeth Quay you can’t miss the marble chrome building. It really stands out from the rest of the buildings. You can’t miss it.

We arrived around 11:00 AM and were allowed to check in. This was fantastic since normally check-in starts around 2:00 PM. We proceeded to our room on the 12th floor.

We could tell the hotel was brand spanking new. The decor and the interior things were sparkling new. We also noticed that there were 18 floors that were primarily being serviced by two elevators. We thought having only two elevators might be a bit of an issue. For our whole stay, it wasn’t an issue at all.

The Ritz Carlton’s Club Lounge is located on the sixth floor. The room is spacious enough with some decent outdoor seating. It is also long and you can get different views depending on where you sit. Unfortunately the view mostly looks out over Elizabeth Quay. Unlike other Club Lounges, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were serving some alcohol throughout the entire day. I picked up a Cheeky Monkey Cider for myself around 12:00 PM.

If you are staying at the hotel with Club access, you don’t need to go out, since the Club Lounge hosts plenty of dining opportunities including a light lunch, afternoon tea, canapés and dessert.

The service was excellent. I was impressed when we wanted some macarons around 2:00 PM, when the last one was taken, that they actually went out of their way to fetch some for me. I insisted it was perfectly fine if I didn’t have any, but they insisted. I was impressed and got a plate of macarons.

The pool, gym and the spa are located on the fifth floor. The infinity pool is definitely on the smaller size, but I should add that it is equivalent to the size of pools across Perth’s luxury hotels. The Hyatt Regency sports the largest by far, but obviously nothing compares to Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands infinity pool on the rooftop.

Their infinity pool was nice. Unfortunately it wasn’t overlooking anything spectacular to warrant taking a nice photo. The poolside seats were all taken around check in time. The seating was large and varied. It was a nice set-up next to the pool.

Unlike the COMO The Treasury across the road, the Ritz Carlton’s infinity pool was not shaded (i.e. not under cover/shelter). So we got hit by the harsh sun ray on the day. The pool was also pretty cold and we wished it was warmer, but like any pool’s water you get used to it.

The Songbird Bar was next to the pool. This was a nice looking bar. It would be a great place for people to catch up and socialize.

The gym was impressive. Most of the equipment was brand new. I liked the machines as most had screens with YouTube and TV connected. Unfortunately there were no long weight bars, but you could do with bar bells.

The Ritz does a great job with its food. The sessions go on all day usually one after the other and for much longer than most hotels.

We visited the lounge at night. The canapes were delicious. I was particularly interested in the lamb tarine, even though it had lots of fats and sinual, it was absolutely delicious. The selection of cakes, tea and drinks were equally fantastic.

The experience up until 10:00 PM was really pleasant. We were well looked after and the sofa chairs were very comfortable. The only downside was the heavy door to the Club Lounge. I just remember it slamming every time behind us.

Our room was fantastic. It overlooked Perth’s CBD. It had some really nice sofas and chairs and a big bathroom/vanity area with bathtub and wardrobe space.

In the morning, we tried to enter the Hearth, but unfortunately it wasn’t complimentary so we ended up at the club for breakfast. The Club Lounge’s breakfast selection was a nice and hearty.

You can’t miss the Ritz in Perth, the building stands out on Elizabeth Quay: 1 Barrack St, Perth WA 6000

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