Intercontinental Perth – 25 January 2020 – a hotel in the city center

We managed to check in at 11:00 AM after moving from the Ritz Carlton. The Intercontinental was well situated in the city. It’s on Hay Street and real close to the shopping area.

The decor in the hotel was mostly wood or grey colors with splashes of gold here and there.

We were put in floor 14. The room was much smaller than the standard in the Ritz Carlton. The room was much more condensed with no open space.

On entering our room, I had my shirts pressed, which was complimentary with the club. I phoned for room service and they were quick to arrive.

The club lounge is on floor 16. The lounge overlooks the north and west of the city. You can capture the sight of the Adnate hotel with its colorful vista painting of people along the side of its building.

We had the afternoon tea at 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. The afternoon tea was served to us at our table rather than us picking from a selection of food. The tier consisted of scones, normal and sutana per person, sandwiches (salmon, cucumber and scream cheese sandwich, egg sandwich and beef pastrami sandwich), orange praline, lemon tart, mango tart, salted dark chocolate and a macarons per person.

There is unfortunately no pool at this hotel, so there wasn’t much to do indoor. There is a gym which could only be accessed from two elevators at the mezzanine. The gym had a nice selection of equipment, but was not as fancy as the ones at the COMO or the Ritz-Carlton.

During our stay, room service gave us some lovely dark chocolate with salt crystals from Papua New Guinea.

The interesting thing was that hotel was very environmentally conscious, many of items were reusable such as towels, etc. I noticed that this also translated to the presentation of food. While other hotels generally spread their food on tables for people to gawk over, you are instead given table service and are given things on request.

For the canapés, which started at 5:00 PM and goes to 7:00 PM, we were offered alcohol. I had a martini. The canapés was ordered and we were given a selection of four dishes, tempura prawn, curray puff, tart and salmon pancake. We could freely ask for another plate. There were some other foods to get, but no other hot food was on offer.

The service was very polite. The lounge was very intimate in many ways. Unfortunately the lounge closed a little early at 8:00 PM.

The television channels were good. Some nice quality movie channels to flick through. I was happy to see they had the NHK (Japanese News Channel).

In the morning, we visited the Ascua, a Spanish restaurant, and true to form they had some selection of their Spanish meat for tasting. We had lovely turkey and beef and pork sausage from the grill. They also made omelet to order as well.

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