Emperor’s Cream Puffs – Emperor’s Garden Cake Bakery – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia – delicious fluffy puffs with a hot, sweet cream

In Sydney’s Chinatown in Haymarket is a popular store with the locals that sells delicious cream puffs. It’s easy to find as there is usually a queue of people waiting to get their hands on some of these delicious made-to-order cream puffs. They are a delicious snack and worth the 10 minute queue.


Next to the Emperor’s Garden Cake Bakery is a small window to order, pay and receive your order of cream puffs. Each cream puff is 35 cents each or you can buy 20 for $5.

The bakery sells some nice baked goods, as you can see, most people in the queue below are lining up outside the window to try the cream puffs.

The machine that makes the cream puffs works hard all day long.

I recommend eating them as soon as possible, because the hot crispy exterior is best eaten when it comes straight off the machine. The cream interior is equally warm and pleasing with the nice crispy texture.


I recommend buying more than you want, because I think you would hate to line up again when they are all gone.

The bakery and the window to get the cream puff is normally open from 7:30am to 11pm and located at Dixon St, Haymarket 2000.

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