Command and Conquer Tiberium Dawn Remastered Early Review – PC – 6 June 2020

This game was a huge part of my childhood. To see it being remastered and working on modern PCs was a dream come true. I have only managed a few hours of this remastered game on the PC via Steam. I started with the GDI campaign and all those catchy unit dialogues and cheesy FMVs are coming back to me.


The game is a complete blast from the past. From the moment the game boots up, you are faithfully treated to the old installation. I had goosebumps thinking of the time when I used to sit, watching my screen as images were scrolled through while the game was being installed on my computer.

Once the installation is complete, you see this iconic screen. Welcome back, Commander.

The user interface has been modernized. The menus and sidebars have been given a modern touch up. It’s nice that the developers, who were also the same people who created the original game, took the time to recreate various features, while still hitting those nostalgic notes. I hear they also brought back the original voice for EVA to re-record her lines. Amazing.


This is the main menu for Command & Conquer Tiberium Dawn. You can see there are additional options to select such as the Mission Select, Replay/Observer and Bonus Gallery. The menu is much more polished and less grainy than it used to be.

The Bonus Gallery contains unlockable videos that become available as you continue to complete the campaign missions. In terms of campaign, there are heaps of missions to play including the Covert Ops missions that were added as part of an expansion pack to the base game back in the 90s. It’s amazing to that this collection contains all the expansion packs and more.

The game’s FMVs have been touched up, but there are obvious issues with updating old 90s videos for modern sensitivities. The videos have not stood the test of time, but thankfully are still part of this game. These harvesters have seen better days.

You have the option of switching between the old grainy graphics and the new more polished graphics by hitting the ‘space bar’ on your keyboard. For me, I had one look at the old graphics and decided to stick to the new modern, polished version. The old graphics are just to fuzzy for me.

I am impressed that some of the videos involving the actors looked really good and well touched up. It’s clear the videos are old, but you can instantly recognize that the videos have had a lot of work done on them. I believe some of the images in the videos like this photo of Kane may have been replaced and added to this FMV.

Unlike the original, the game allows for unit queuing with this slick sidebar. So no need to constantly buy units after the previous one has been trained/produced.

The missions are still as tough as ever. The game will cause a lot of frustrations and a lot of resets, but these frustrations are what made these games so appealing. Each time I failed or lost units, I would strategise an alternative way to deal with the mission. When my new strategy works, I get that sense of achievement. The balance is definitely against you in most missions.

I am happy they also updated the campaign mission map. However, my main gripe is that if there is a selection to be made during the campaign, I am locked into my selection and can’t see the other options.


On seeing the Mission Select on the Main Menu, I understand why this isn’t such a big deal, since you can select any option from the Mission Select. This means you do the other mission if you find your mission choice difficult.

I had a quirk in my game. My cursor on units weren’t showing correctly the attack cursor when hovering over enemy units. Also I couldn’t get engineers to capture enemy buildings until I pressed and held the alt key.

Here is the Mission Select screen. You can replay any mission or play any mission you skipped during the campaign (because you selected another pathway). There appears to be heaps of replay-ability.

I am enjoying the game so far and am looking forward to a more fulsome review of the entire Command and Conquer Remastered Collection.

I love the remastered soundtrack. In some missions, you can ever hear recordings from Tiberium Sun, ‘in the name of Kane. Kane lives!’


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