Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm, around Daylesford / Hepburn Springs, Victoria, Australia – 29 December 2019 – road trip to fields of lavender and some delicious wood fire pizzas

Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm is a popular destination for people staying or visiting the Daylesford and Hepburn Springs area in Victoria, Melbourne. Melbourne is surrounded by some wonderful sights if you have a car, including Daylesford in the north-west. Daylesford is about a 1 hour and 30 min drive from Melbourne. There are plenty of things to do around Daylesford and it can be an expensive trip (accommodation, petrol, etc).

On entering the farm, you are greeted to a field of lush lavender. It is a pretty farm with plenty of nice sights to draw in when you are with your better half or family. The farm was full of tourists and locals.


There is an entry fee to enter the farm, so if you came just for the food you still have to pay. Once you are in, you are welcomed to a barn area, if you are interested in history, or you can walk past it to see a sprawling area filled with lush nature.

We headed straight to the fields. You can see them from afar. I really loved some of the lavender fields at the farm. The colors were very vibrant. There were several fields to explore and experience.

In the photo below is a beautiful field of purple lavender.

There is also a cafe named Cafe la Trattoria, which serve delicious Swiss/Italian cuisine. The are famous for their lavender scones with jam, which were tasty, sweet and delicious, and their woodfire pizzas, which were hearty and filling. It’s a great place to spend a quiet afternoon. You can either wander the fields or laze around the various canopies.


There is the option to dine under the canopy of trees, but when we were there we opted to eat inside the cafe’s cottage.

There are plenty of opportunities to grab photos, including this one below. The farm also seems like a great place for weddings and gatherings. Plenty of opportunities for newly weds to get that dream photo.

Inside the cottage or seating area for the cafe are lush green leaves growing and coming in through the rooftop. Unfortunately, although we were seated inside, this area did attract a lot of flies. (Mind you, in rural Australia, flies and sometimes big flies are buzzing all over the place.)


For lunch, we ordered a plate of beef brisket with penne, the lavender scones with jam and a wood fire pizza with olives, mushrooms, ham and plenty of cheese.

I loved the beef brisket with penne. The dish had a nice salty texture and I felt the beef was succulent and well cooked.

The scones were messy to eat. There was a lot of caster sugar. The scones texture was okay and the jam was nice. The scones smelt a tad like lavender, but I couldn’t tell what lavender tasted like. I generally like scones and I was happy with this.

The pizza was lovely. The bread was doughy and the toppings were melt in the mouth delicious. I highly recommend getting a pizza for the table.

During our lunch, we spotted ducks walking in a line outside. It was cute.

After lunch, we wandered around the farm and saw a host of animals grazing or laying around, like this trio of alpacas. There were other animals about, which you could pet.

Before leaving, there is also a gift shop if you want to grab some presents for people, such as lavender scented things like soap, essence and jam.


Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm is only about 15 mins drive from Daylesford and is located at 350 Hepburn-Newstead Rd, Shepherds Flat VIC 3461.

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