Miznon – Mediterranean street food restaurant – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – 3 October 2019 – flavors from Israel like the wild cauliflower and lamb shawarma


Miznon is located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, within the ever popular enclave of other popular restaurants on Hardware Lane. Miznon can be hard to spot if you are not familiar with the area, but one clue I can offer is that it is one of those restaurants that doesn’t have someone standing in front of the menu trying to entice you through their door.

I was introduced to Miznon by a friend who wanted to introduce me to some middle eastern food. My initial thought was that middle eastern food would be packed with kebabs, falafel and other halal dishes. To my surprise, no, Mizon is different. Miznon serves some of the most fascinating and hearty street food from the streets of Tel Aviv in Israel. From what other says, it seems that this is the best Israeli restaurant in town.

The restaurant has that homely feel to it. When you are dining in you have the chance to grab as much pita bread as you like with a whole bunch of sides and sauces. The pita bread was freshy baked, soft and chewy. There is no way you won’t get full here.

Another plus is that they leave whole tomatoes on the table, which serves as a bit of history to the restaurant. The servers were more than happy to tell the tale and even told us that we could take the tomato home.

Miznon on its website says:

In 2011, The first Miznon opened in Tel Aviv, subsequently expanding to Paris, Vienna, Melbourne and NYC. We are using fresh and seasonally inspired ingredients to create a new kind of Mediterranean street food. Our vision is to take the flavor of each city and translate it into pita. To take the energies, the groove, the longings, the limitations, the beauty and the food and express it all in one pita.

Below is the table where you can pick up as much bread or other condiments.

Here is my selection of pita, sauces and picked vegetables.

I noticed that the menu was very vegetarian friendly, but obviously there are meat dishes. There are different menus for lunch and dinner services. Lunch services tend to focus on food that you can hold in your hands. There were heaps of things on offer from wild vegetables to lamb shawarma.


We went with the famous bowl of baby cauliflower, a plate of sabich, eggplant, chilli and egg, and finally the lamb shawarma.

The cauliflower is nicely charred with a nice soft buttery sauce glazed around the plant.

This was a really nice mix of vegetables. The kick came from the sauce and chilli.

The shawarma’s meat was melt in the mouth tender. The flavor was salty and, pleasant but strangely, fresh with the green garnish on top.

The cauliflower is nicely cooked, but I think with all the vegetable dishes, I really liked the lamb shawarma the most.

I managed to come about three times now for both the lunch and dinner sessions. Everyone I bring over loves this place now.


Miznon is located on 59 Hardware Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000:

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