Eat Street Northshore – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – 20 April 2019 – a late-night at a crowded fluorescent food festival open every weekend that houses vendors in shipping containers


In Australia, I think Melbourne and Sydney have a lot of the famous eateries and hatted restaurants, but Brisbane probably has the most fun and fabulous eatery, Eat Street Northshore. Eat Street Northshore has both an interesting setting and a very large selection of food vendors. It is unique, eye-catching and exciting for people who love food and photos. I say come for the food and enjoy the people, the music and the fabulousness. I was so excited to walk through this place for the first time and I think you would be too. It’s a maze of delights with plenty of interesting sights to eat.

Normally Eat Street Northshore is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Friday and Saturday’s opening hours are 4pm to 10pm and Sunday is 12pm to 8pm. It is open in the latter half of the day, which is great because the florescent lights work better in the dark and with the hotter climate it’s nice to be semi-outdoors while eating and listening to music with friends and/or family. While it looks kid friendly, I really think it’s geared for young adults.

To enter, there is a small entry fee of $3 per person and children under 12 can enter for free. The whole venue is themed like a carnival and each of the vendors are based in shipping containers. It is not just limited to food. There are stores that sell clothes and other merchandise, but I think if you have made it all this way you should go for the food.


When it comes time to tucker down and eat something interesting, your choice of cuisine is huge. There is a lot of interesting things to try. Almost every cuisine is represented here from Brazilian to Greek and from Filipino to Japanese. I think it will take several visits if you want to try all the interesting and delicious smelling foods.

I had some a delicious Japanese beef brisket sandwich and a Thai roast pork and rice dish for my mains, and finished with a delicious Golden Gaytime Cronut from kombialley, chocolate komberry co for dessert. If you are Australian, you will know what a Golden Gaytime is. It is an infamous toffee and vanilla flavoured ice cream, dipped in choc coating and biscuit pieces. It is awesome and hence the name. What kombialley do is that they add Golden Gaytime soft serve into a crunchy cronut cone and finish with a chocolate dip and wafer sticks. You can see and read about it here.

Eat Street is definitely a late night affair. The prices are more expensive than usual eateries, but if you want to experience some fun with some friends while having some food and great atmosphere, you need to visit Eat Street Northshore. Also, it is a very insta-worthy place. I came with friends, had a great time and now want to go back.

Eat Street Northshore’s website is here:


You will need a car to get to Eat Street as public transport is limited in the late hours. Eat Street is located at 221D MacArthur Ave, Hamilton QLD 4007 and is located very close to Brisbane Airport and not too far from Brisbane’s CBD:

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