KOI Dessert Bar – Sydney, Australia – 7 July 2018 – desserts made famous by the Dessert King on Masterchef Australia


We love our desserts and when we visited Sydney back in 2018, we were in the area and made it a must-visit destination. We had seen several photos of the cakes on social media and on television and knew that we needed to try their cakes and other treats. Thankfully, we were excited to see, on entering the premises, a lovely display of delectable and beautifully presented cakes. The decor and setting of the bar was fantastic. We loved the atmosphere and decided to sit upstairs to soak in the surrounding views.

This joint is made famous by Masterchef Australia contestant and dessert connoisseur Reynold Poernomo (aka. Dessert King), who appeared as a contestant twice (one was a Back to Win, where he came third overall). He even impressed the likes of Gordon Ramsay. He and his family, including two brothers, own this now iconic establishment near Sydney’s CBD. If you are looking for it, you should be able to spot it quite easily.

Two items from the Koi Dessert Bar menu

You can’t go wrong with many of the desserts on offer. Many of the desserts go on rotation, so you are bound to see new items each time you visit the bar. Some of Reynold’s dishes from Masterchef make appearances at KOI Dessert Bar. If you are keen to see if the judges on Masterchef were right, you have your opportunity.

When you order a cake, you can pair it with your choice of drink, maybe hot chocolate or coffee. If you feel up to it, you can even take part in a digestion of their desserts with their set menu.


There are also savory dishes too with some creative flairs and intricacies, but if you are here, you need to grab at least one item from their dessert menu.

The dessert on display at Koi Dessert Bar

KOI Dessert Bar is super close to Spice Alley, which has heaps of food vendors, and other restaurants. While we wouldn’t have minded trying KOI’s savory menu, we just felt like something light so we decided to pick up some lunch around in the Spice Alley before heading into this bar for dessert.

Selfie at Koi Dessert Bar

For those who can’t visit Sydney, a lot of the desserts in KOI Dessert Bar remind me of the desserts at LuxBite, Bibelot and Black Star Pastry in Melbourne.


KOI Dessert Bar is located at 46 Kensington Street, Chippendale, New South Wales 2008:

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