Daughter in Law – ‘unauthentic Australian Indian’ cuisine – Melbourne, Australia – 4 October 2019 – really good, exciting Indian food in Melbourne’s CBD and the must try Colonel Tso’s cauliflower


Melbourne has so many fantastic laneway restaurants. It’s an absolute foodies dream. So many countries and cuisines are represented in my city. Due to the intense rivalry when it comes to food, Melburnians tend to be picky. With Daughter in Law, it is a simple and easy choice. Mention it and people think you know a thing or two about good food and dining.

Daughter in Law can be seen from its shop front, but isn’t conspicuous from a distance. You can’t miss it given that it is in Little Bourke Street towards the Spring Street end of the city.

The décor is modern and trendy with its pink wall paper. It’s a really nice interior.

Balls of Happiness (Gol Gappa) at Daughter in Law

We were here to celebrate someone’s special day. Given the size of our entourage, we all had to partake in the Tasting Menu for $55. With all the food we were served by the end, it was absolutely worth it!

We started with some Balls of Happiness or Gol Gappa which were crunchy with a nice, delicious filling. It was served on a bed of fried chickpeas.

We then had some delicious oysters with curry powder and herbs. The curry powder with oysters was an exotic experiment. (I wasn’t completely sold that the salty oysters and curry powder were a good mix, but it did taste nice.)

Fresh oysters with curry powder and herbs at Daughter in Law

We were served with some Colonel Tso’s cauliflower. I was in heaven. This dish absolutely kicked it straight out of the park for me. It was so delicious (even though it was cauliflower). It was crunchy on the outside, yet soft on the inside and smothered in delicious tomato sauce. I would have been happy having just this one dish.

Colonel Tso’s cauliflower is a must try at Daughter in Law.

We each had a Yoghurt Croquette with Cardamom and Beetroot Chutney, which exploded with a delicious filling, and dipped it with some cardamom and beetroot chutney.

Yoghurt Croquette with Cardamom and Beetroot Chutney at Daughter in Law

We had some Tandoori Chicken Naan Pizza. The naan was a perfect base with some oozingly delicious topping of cheese, onions, capsicum and chicken pieces.

Tandoori Chicken Naan Pizza at Daughter in Law

We also ordered a Mango Lassi to quench our thirst. It came with a sprinkle of pistachios.

Mango Lassi at Daughter in Law

The last dish was completely unexpected. Our final dish was a plate of curries, condiments and naan/rice. It was a wanderlust. (Where do I start first?) It was pretty much every curry on the menu all on one fantastic, exciting plate.

The Thali Plate at Daughter in Law

To top it off, we were treated to a pistachio ice-cream, Kulfi. It had pieces of pistachio inside the ice-cream, which made biting into the ice-cream really interesting.

Pistachio ice-cream, Kulfi at Daughter in Law

It was a fantastic feast at Daughter in Law. All for $55. It is so worth it! They also do lunch sessions, which are cheaper and still delicious.

During the pandemic, they are also serving their dishes on Providoor. So you can support them by cooking up their feast at home during this difficult time for all restaurants in the CBD.


Daughter in Law is located here at 37-41 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000:

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