Providoor – Melbourne’s best restaurants delivered to your door – 14 October 2020 – Melbourne restaurants’ answer to COVID-19 with quality food delivered to your doorstep


With the restrictions in Melbourne and only the most optimistic hoping for things to go back to normal. There is an option for those who want to enjoy the finer things in life. You know, good food. Well, that option is available and you can order from some of the most prominent and famous restaurants in Melbourne. The catch? There are two. You have to cook your meal when it arrives and you need to be within 35km of the Melbourne CBD.

Here is the link to Providoor’s website:

I think it is fantastic that some of Melbourne’s best restaurants are keeping their doors open by giving people the opportunity to recreate the restaurant experience or try things for the first time. This whole enterprise is one of the things that the local restaurant industry has had to adapt to during the pandemic. I’m pleased for it and am happy to support it.

You can order from some of the most famous Melbourne restaurants, here is a selection below:

  • Bomba – modern Spanish cuisine
  • Cumulus – serving Victorian produce
  • Cutler & Co. – meats and wines
  • Daughter in Law – unauthentic Australian Indian cuisine
  • Tokyo Tina – modern Japanese cuisine
  • plus many more.

I have ordered through Providoor a number of times. To give you an example, I ordered from Cumulus and loved their banquet, especially the anchovy and potato bake and the crumpets with honey sauce. Yum! We had the box delivered overnight, they say around 1 am to 8 am. Our box came around 7:00 am. We even had an email confirmation when the box was delivered plus a handy photo of where the box was left. The whole process was smooth and pleasant.

Most of the restaurants make things simple by offering banquets starting with 2 people and from ~$40 per person. The alternative is ordering individual dishes from the various restaurants.


The shipping was reasonable as well at a standard fee of $16.50 for all orders. If you want your orders to arrive in the morning, you just need to make sure you order before 4:00 pm the day before. The whole online ordering is simple and seamless.

The box was packed with all the food neatly boxed up with an ice pack to keep the food chilled. We were given cooking instructions, which were easy to follow. Most of the food just needed to be heated in the oven and then served. For us, the food we heated (not cooked) was almost as good as how the restaurant cooked and presented it. Even though it was close to the mark, it reminded us of the actual restaurant. It was a worthwhile experience. (I think others can do a better job than us.)

Admittedly, I did have a funny incident occur early in my experience with Providoor. For our very first order, we were delivered a huge box overnight. We were all excited and brought it into the kitchen. My wife commented on how light the box was. When we opened it, we were greeted with one box of crumpets and some sauce. (The funny thing was that we didn’t order the crumpets. My wife and I just looked at each other and laughed. Our whole order was written on the receipt in the box as well.) It was all fine and sorted in the end, because the restaurant owners we so lovely on the other end of the phone and we were given, albeit later in the evening, our box of food plus a few extras and a nice message. All in all, we were happy and had a funny story to boot.


If you are wondering, I have also found that ordering on Providoor has been fantastic as a birthday gift to people, including family and friends. Just put in their delivery address and you are good. It is a fantastic surprise.

Also, if you want to read about my experience at Daughter in Law, please visit my page by clicking here.

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