The Hatter and the Hare – Melbourne, Australia – 5 January 2020 – a brunch venue with an Alice in Wonderland theme


To Melbourne’s east is a real treat for people who want to eat with their eyes and love desserts. The Hatter and the Hare in Bayswater is a restaurant with an Alice in Wonderland theme that will impress you and your companions or family. This restaurant has been transformed into something that is inspired from the pages of the classic and can do both savory and sweet very well.

Entrance to The Hatter and the Hare is decorated to look like you are entering a fantasy land

The Hatter and the Hare is a very popular destination in the local area during the early morning and brunch. When we arrived, we had to wait outside next to the conventional outdoor heater for about 30 minutes. There isn’t much to do while waiting other than chatting with other patrons. The real amazement and wonder only occurs when you walk past the main entrance.

Various desserts on display at The Hatter and Hare

The whole restaurant is decorated in an Alice in Wonderland theme. In the middle of the restaurant are glass windows filled with colorful treats and desserts. There are so many to choose from. Many of the desserts on display are photo ready. If you are like me, it is hard to choose if you only had one choice. I think this place is great for whether you want to do a catch-up over coffee and dessert or have a proper meal with your company and there is bound to be heaps to talk about.

Various desserts on display at The Hatter and Hare

We were informed that The Hatter and Hare’s menu often changes and there are always new things being added or amended on the menu. Many of the selections of the menu were tempting, but when had to choose when the waiter arrived. So we ordered two dishes, one was Chase the White Rabbit with scrambled eggs and fried chicken and the other dish was called The Mad Hatter’s Breakfast, which had a hash brown, tomato, brioche bun and some chorizo. Both dishes were pretty to look at and were equally delicious and satisfying.

This dish, Chase the White Rabbit, had scrambled eggs, sesame seeds and fried chicken

The atmosphere is really nice inside the restaurant. It seems to be a place that draws the family crowd and young uni-goers catching up with one another. The whole restaurant is very well decorated.


Once we finished our meal and despite being so full, we could not resist dessert. It was all around us and the hard part was selecting the one that caught our eyes the most.

This is the Mad Hatter’s Breakfast with hash brown, poached eggs and chorizo

We settled on the Banana Split, which had a creamy banana mousse in the middle and crunchy exterior, and was topped with a miniature macaron. We shared it and were delighted.

This is the Banana Split up close at The Hatter and Hare

The Hatter and Hare also makes bigger cakes for special occasions and can cater for various parties or events. Also if you are keen, you can also book on their website to take part in their High Tea (or even arrange a Private High Tea) from $75 per person.


The Hatter and Hare website is and it is located here: 1/21 Scoresby Rd, Bayswater VIC 3153

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