The original Hawker Chan – Singapore – 2 January 2018 – the Michelin star restaurant does it cheaper and better in its home country


Being Melbourne-based, I can say that we are pretty lucky to have Hawker Chan open up in Melbourne in three different locations, the CBD, Chadstone and Box Hill. Hawker Chan’s presence in Australia is only Melbourne at the moment. In all honesty, even though Hawker Chan’s Melbourne-based restaurants offer bigger and fatter chickens, the original in Singapore is still the best and cheapest. At all the outlets, the portion sizes on the plate are comparable. But unlike in Melbourne where a plate of Soya Chicken and rice sets you back by about AUD$8.30 for a small plate, in Singapore, the Soya Chicken and rice is only SGD$3.80. As at the time of writing, AUD$1 is trading for SGD$0.959, which makes Singapore’s prices more than half that of Melbourne.

On the day, we visited Hawker Chan near Chinatown early in the morning, before the doors even opened, and there was already a crowd of people waiting to get in. On the restaurant’s wall is a written history of the store. It started as a hawker stall in a food center and after finding success, it decided to open with a larger location.

Selfie in front of Hawker Chan’s store in Singapore

To order your food, you simply join the queue and you can see their menu on the various boards and on signs as you shuffle your way up the front counter. Ordering the food was really simple. After ordering and paying, we were given a receipt with a number and waited at our table until our number on the receipt appeared on the main screen.

Their famous Michelin star Soya Chicken and Rice for just SGD$3.80

It was a busy morning. There were lots of people keen for a quick feed.

We ordered their Michelin star dish, the Soya Chicken on rice and shared a platter of their roasts with pork ribs, char siew, roast pork (with the crackling), Chinese sausages and some marinated egg. We made sure to grab some of the picked chili near the counter as a side condiment. The picked chili were a really nice addition to our dishes.

Meat platter with glazed pork ribs, char siew, roast pork, marinated eggs and Chinese sausages

If you are shopping around Chinatown, you should head on over to Hawker Chan to try their famous dishes for just a few dollars. If you are Melbourne, you can visit one of their many outlets, which do a great job of replicating the dishes from its home country. If there was a difference, I didn’t notice.

Also just remember that at Hawker Chan you can pretty much choose your carb, either rice, rice noodles, egg noodles or congee and your choice of roast from Soya Chicken, Char Siew, Roast Pork or Pork Ribs and a whole host of sides and drinks. The menu is always changing to keep things interesting.


Hawker Chan is located within Singapore’s Chinatown, and close to the markets, here:

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