Cerberus Beach House – Half Moon Bay, Melbourne, Australia – 15 November 2020 – a popular for beachside fish and chip kiosk that serves delicious, cheap food


With Melbourne’s COVID-19 restrictions easing thanks to the great effort of most Victorians (who played a key role) and a steadfast, committed State Government in Premier Daniel Andrews, Melburnians have been able to travel and enjoy the warmer weather without a serious, impeding concern for the virus. Unlike in the northern hemisphere where December is the beginning of winter, here in Australia, December means the beginning of hot summers. What better way to celebrate the advent of a hotter climate than a visit to the beach.

The breach of Half Moon Bay attracts heaps of people, but the thing that draws a crowd and a queue is the iconic Cerberus Beach House, which serves a delicious grilled or battered fish and chips. It is unique enough to warrant a visit and who knows, you may want to come back just to try it again. I know I do.

The view of the beach as you travel from the car park down to the beach. This side of the beach isn’t the busy side.

Half Moon Bay sits to the west of Beach Road in Melbourne’s south. Getting to the Cerberus Beach House requires a bit of a trek down some hills and car park. It’s not exactly the most friendly area for pedestrians. The parking is expensive at $6 per hour if you park on the beach carpark.

The trek is worth it. If you make it, here is what you can get on the Cerberus Beach House menu:

  • Catch of the day: $9 / $12.50 (+chips)
  • Salmon (Grilled): $10.5 / $15 (+chips)
  • Barramundi: $8.50 / $12 (+chips)
  • Victorian gummy: $9.5 / $13 (+chips)
  • HALF MOON BAY PACK: $15 – Dory, 2 potato cakes, 1 dim sim and hot chips
  • RED BLUFF PACK: $15 – Flake, 2 sweet potato cakes, 1 dim sim, and hot chips
  • CALAMARI PACK: $10 – 6 Calamari served with hot chips and tomato sauce
  • FAMILY PACK: $60 – 4 flake (Grilled or Fried), 4 potato cakes, 4 dim sims, large chips, and 4 cans of drink
  • HEALTHY COMBO: $15 – Grilled barramundi, greek salad, dill mayo
  • FISH BITS PACK: $10 – 4 Fish bites served with hot chips and tomato sauce

They also sell burgers with prime angus beef and other tasty bites like calamari rings, battered sausage and potato cakes.

If you squint, you may be able to make out the menu items at the Cerberus Beach House

On the day we visited, it was incredibly windy. I even saw the seagulls struggling against the winds. The water was treacherous, splashing all over the place against the sea barriers. (Thankfully those barriers were there.) It was clear to all patrons on the day that sitting down for fish and chips was not ideal, especially if you want your food in your mouth and not flying off to New Zealand.

It can be hard to spot, but the potato cakes are on the left and the battered barramundi fish is on the right

We went with the Half Moon Bay Pack between me and my wife. It was more than enough for the both of us. It came with a crispy and good quality barramundi, two crispy, yet soft in the middle potato cakes, a wholesome dim sim and some extra crunchy chips. So worth $15 and the long wait.

If you want, you can also go for the more expensive option and dine upstairs with a proper ala carte menu, service and the view. You can even book a reservation by giving them a call.

Cerberus Beach House’s website is here and it is located to the south of Melbourne’s CBD on the beach side off Beach Road. It’s address is: 16 Cerberus Way, 212 Half Moon Bay, Black Rock VIC 3193

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