Make Me Mango – Mango Cafe – King Power Rangnam – Bangkok, Thailand – 15 January 2019 – mango desserts in so many different ways on a plate


Thailand is known for one of the best desserts in the world, mango sticky rice. At Make Me Mango, which has several outlets across Bangkok, you can savor in a delicious serving of mango sticky rice and more on just one plate. Just as it’s name says, this place specializes in mango. It’s great for couples looking for something after a delicious Thai meal.

We visited the Make Me Mango outlet within the King Power Rangnam (which is known for hosting many higher end clothes designer stores). Make Me Mango was on the top floor in the building in the central area of the food center. It was close to Koi (Boba drink café) and Pablo Cheese Tart (the Portuguese cheese tart café). Make Me Mango serves as a nice café for couples.

The Make Me Mango menu

For just 235 baht (or the equivalent of AUD$9), we bought ourselves the Make Me Mango plate, which came with half a fresh mango, sticky rice, custard, mango ice-cream, mung beans, coconut cream and a panna cotta. I shared this with my wife. All the items were deliciously sweet. The stick rice and coconut sauce was slightly warm, so it complemented many of the other items on the plate.

We got the Make Me Mango plate with half a mango, sticky rice, custard, mung beans and a panna cotta

The menu is bigger than what appears on the sign. There are heaps of options to choose from, including their mango smoothie, mango yoghurt drink and mango sago. One thing is for sure, you will be eating mango and your dish will likely be insta-worthy.

One of the Make Me Mango outlets is located at King Power Downtown Complex, Bangkok 10400, Thailand:


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