Ring Fit Adventure – Nintendo Switch – 20 December 2020 – this isn’t just a gimmick exercise game, you will sweat


With COVID-19 lockdowns across the world, people are not getting enough exercise at the gyms. The only alternative is to exercise at home or at the park. That’s why I think the market is craving for an in-home alternative that can fire up those who need a little more motivation to exercise. Luckily, we have access to Ring Fit Adventure on the Nintendo Switch.

For Australians, the usual retail price is AU$129.99 at typical brick and mortar stores, however the game has come down to AUD$89.99 in limited quantities on special discount days like Black Friday. The game comes packaged with a leg strap and exercise wheel, which requires you to insert your Switch controllers into the pouch/holder. The exercise wheel is fortunately sturdy and can pretty much handle anyone’s strength, unless you are being silly with it.

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When you jump into Adventure Mode, you have the option to warm-up in Ring Fit Adventure

Simply, Ring Fit Adventure works. You will sweat and you will have a good time. This game is no gimmick and the accessories (that come with the game) are all well done and designed. The story in Adventure Mode, the main mode, is simple and had enough to pique my interest. It uses typical Japanese role-playing game elements where your main character is on an adventure to take down the big bad and when in combat, instead of clicking some buttons, you attacks using exercise routines. You will jog or run on the spot during most sessions and when you enter battles, you pick attacks based on your chosen attack (or exercise routine), e.g. from squats, overhead presses, warrior poses, etc.

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Ring Fit Adventure has a simple story, but it is enough because the main goal is exercise

I found myself using certain attacks more often than others, because they dealt more damage or damaged multiple targets. This came at the expense of other attacks and some worthwhile exercises. For instance, I found the early skills like chair press and leg press, while good for exercise, lost favor as they did little damage and only dealt damage to one target. As soon as I acquired new attacks (by leveling up), I replaced those attacks immediately with higher damaging attacks.

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In the midst of using an Overhead Press attack against a red minion in Ring Fit Adventure

The exercises you have to do in Ring Fit Adventure will get you tired and repeating them will eventually make you sweat. Fortunately, the game will demonstrate the moves for you before and during the attack sequence. You don’t need to be perfect, but if you are being honest with yourself, you should give it your all during each repetition. The game will somewhat detect if you did a good job on the repetition by rewarding you with more damage. (So don’t half do your squats. While you can cheat the system, why do that?)

I found one of the best features the ability to set the difficulty at the very start of Adventure Mode. Based on my selections, I went with one of the hardest difficulties and I can safely say that the difficulty on the higher levels will make you work.

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Dragaux is the big bad that you need to take down from time to time in Ring Fit Adventure

The whole concept of squatting 30 times to deal damage to a minion sounds silly on paper. But honestly, it works, because the game is entertaining enough to get you to do those squats or those overhead presses to progress through the game. You won’t get past a stage unless you do those squats or exercises. The game will dangle the work and reward trope again and again.

Typical of role-playing games, the difficulty of the game and the concepts ramp up as you progress through the game. While there is nothing game breaking or state-of-the-art, at least things are changed to keep things interesting. For example, your character will gain the ability to identity enemy weaknesses and the color of your attack will mean either more or less damage is dealt to those enemies.

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There are some tactical elements that get introduced further in the game like colors and weaknesses

Aside from Adventure Mode, there are various other modes to sink yourself into. There are the Quick Play Mode, Mini-Games and even a Dancing Mode. There are lots to choose from and there are even homages to various Nintendo properties in the side content. If you want to focus your exercises on a particularly location on the body, just enter the Quick Play Mode and pick your desired exercises, e.g. core, back, legs, etc.

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Ring Fit Adventure does a good enough job of showing you how to perform some of the more odd exercises before you need to perform them in battle

Ring Fit Adventure is a great game for those looking to get some exercise done at home, but need the extra motivation. You will get what you put in and only if you do the exercises seriously. From various outlets and customer standpoints, I think Ring Fit Adventure has been well received and critically acclaimed across the globe. So what are you waiting for? Time to sweat it out with a game that works.

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