Daniel’s Donuts – Springvale, Melbourne, Australia – 21 November 2020 – a popular joint open 24/7 selling six donuts for just $15


Daniel’s Donuts had a cult following with its first store in Springvale. There was always a queue outside the store at all hours of the day, with people patiently waiting for their turn to pick up some delicious donuts. While the numbers are down from its height as more stores open, there is always a constant stream of people walking through the doors.

To remind you of the store’s history, the whole store is decked out in New Zealand black and white and its most popular item, its famous fresh cream and jam donuts are usually sitting in the middle glass as you walk in.

According to its website:

The donut connoisseur has a cult following for its classics such as NZ style Fresh Cream & Jam and Nutella donut, but it doesn’t stop there. All you need to do is head in store or online to check out the amazing selection of over 40 types of donuts!

If you’ve heard whispers of an almighty donut store coming from the south-east, they’re likely talking about Daniel’s Donuts. The flagship store in Springvale opened in late 2016. 

Fast forward 3 years, there are now 10 stores around Melbourne, including Mornington and Bellarine Peninsula. The most recent stores opened in Cranbourne and Daniel’s first Drive – Thru store in Belmont (Geelong). In addition, Daniel’s is now offering home donut delivery – yes that’s right; fresh, light and fluffy donuts delivered to your house!

Daniel’s Donuts: https://danielsdonuts.com.au/
Donuts are $3.50 each or any 6 for $15 at Daniel’s Donuts

You can purchase a donut for $3.50, but the better deal is the 6 for $15. There are plenty of different flavors to choose from, you have plenty of cream options such as cream and jam, passionfruit and cream, strawberry cheesecake, etc. For more classic variants of the donuts, they have the jam balls, glazed donuts and cinnamon dusted donuts. I tend to prefer their jam ball donuts with either strawberry or chocolate icing, since simple is the best. (It’s also because I can’t handle the cream flavors too well due to my intolerances, but my wife and her family love them.)

It’s always worth coming back to see the new flavors. I once saw durian flavored donuts. They were a popular hit given that Springvale is home to a lot of South East Asian families. The menu is always changing.

The donuts, cakes, treats and souvenirs on sale at Daniel’s Donuts

There are even vegan donuts as well. Though the offering is smaller than the usual fare, but still worth a try.

Aside from donuts, Daniel’s Donuts sell cakes and other treats, as well as pies and pasties. You can even order a coffee or milkshake to go with your donuts. Though the seating and tables are all outside the store.

More donuts on offer at Daniel’s Donuts

I have noticed the big queues of the past at the Springvale store are no longer there in recent months. It has a lot to do with Daniel’s Donuts ever expanding empire all parts of Melbourne, including in the CBD and Chadstone Shopping Center. I think they would do better if they just had a few locations, otherwise they become the next Krispy Kreme in Australia (where it is just everywhere and isn’t special anymore). This change is likely to due the new owner’s direction for the business.

The donuts at Daniel’s Donuts are worthwhile, but I think there are other joints that do their donuts better. In the whole scheme of things, the donuts are nice and fluffy and well worth the purchase price.

What I picked up at Daniel’s Donuts

The Springvale store is located at the corner of the weird interaction on the Princes Highway and Springvale Road. It can be tough getting into the carpark (as it is very crowded and cozy) and getting out of the carpark is just as difficult.

Daniel’s Donuts in Springvale is located here: 819 Princes Hwy, Springvale VIC 3171

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