Dessert First at Bugis Junction – Singapore – 31 December 2017 – durian ice-cream with nuts and chocolate on a crispy waffle


Singapore is a food mecca. There are so many things to eat and try. Bugis Junction is a great place for friends, couples and family to hang out together. It also happens to be a great place to try interesting food.

One thing that non-south east Asians will find odd and disturbing is the fruit, durian. It’s a pungent fruit, which I am told smells like rotten eggs to unacquainted with it, but I think the fruits flesh is delicious and creamy. To me, I have become so accustomed by the smell that it doesn’t register as bad. Durian is a delicacy in parts of south-east Asia. So much so that it is even used in desserts. Dessert First is famous for its desserts, including its durian desserts, so we had to visit after a long day at the Bugis Street Market and shopping mall.

It is very cozy joint at Dessert First at Bugis Junction

The store is very cozy. There aren’t many tables inside the store, but if you don’t mind, there are plenty of tables and chairs right outside the store. Though, on a hot summer’s day in Singapore, I prefer the air conditioned interior.

The menu on the table is really clever. Customers can see the whole menu when they take a seat. See below.

The menu at Dessert First is laminated into the table. Both customers can easily see what is on the menu.

After eating so much during the day, we just wanted to share a dessert between us. There were so many great options to choose from, including the various shaved ice desserts and sweet soups. The thing that caught our eyes was the signature durian waffle.

You can also see that the menu is affordable. Many of the desserts are under SGD$10.

The Signature Durian Waffle with nuts and chocolate sauce on crispy waffle

The waffle was crispy and warm. The ice-cream was durian flavored with a good flavor profile. There was definitely a good hit of durian in the ice-cream.

The outside at Dessert First at Bugis Junction

When we visited back on New Year’s Eve in 2017 (right before 2018), the store was packed with people inside and outside. It was an incredibly popular dessert venue and, while there was no rush, there was a lot of customers coming and going, particularly young people. Contrary to what I have heard, durian is definitely not an old people fruit.

Dessert First at Bugis Junction is located here: 8 Liang Seah St, #01-04, Singapore 189029

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