Company of Heroes 2: All Out War Edition – PC, Steam – the all time best World War 2 RTS gets a genuine complete collection with literally all DLC Commanders


I was looking online to see if it was worth purchasing the Company of Heroes 2: All Out War Edition. I had to answer my own question, because there wasn’t anything I could see. My answer, if you are a fan of the game and want the definitive edition, there are good reasons to purchase the game. For starters, even though I have pretty much all the expansions and some of the DLC Commanders from my over 600 hours of gameplay, I managed to find the purchase worth AUD$24.99.

A page from the Franchise Artbook of Company of Heroes showing what appears to be a Soviet T34-85

The All Out War Edition comes with its own unique packaging case (with artbook on both sides), the game’s soundtrack and the Franchise Artbook, ‘Art of the Company of Heroes’ Series’.

Company of Heroes 2: All Out War Edition all the following:

  • Company of Heroes 2 full game along with the expansions games, including all the factions and Theatre of War content
  • a free Company of Heroes 2 Steam code for a friend (this code is only the base game)
  • all DLC Commanders
  • Official Soundtrack
  • Franchise Artbook
Here is the physical packaging for Company of Heroes 2: All Out War Edition

The ‘all DLC Commanders’ literally means all DLC Commanders. On activating the Steam code, I was rewarded with all my missing DLC Commanders. It would have cost more than AUD$24.99 to purchase the remaining DLC Commanders. To make sure I had all the DLC Commanders, I checked the in-game store. On visiting in-game store, I was pleasantly surprised to see there was nothing else I could purchase in the DLC Commander’s tab. I had them all.

The only other perk I would have liked, but didn’t get, would have been some unique skins or other cosmetic perk to show off in-game.

The game’s soundtrack comes with 26 tracks and the Franchise Artbook is a 35 page PDF covering things like prototypes/concepts, mood pieces, map design and even discusses and shows color schemes for the whole game and its factions. The soundtrack and artbook can be copied onto your desktop straight from disc 1.

A page from the Franchise Artbook of Company of Heroes showing the prototype of the game

I think this game package is worth it. If you have nothing to begin with, this package offers the best value. As at 4 January 2021, I don’t think you can purchase this version of the game on the Steam Store page. It is also rare to see games being sold physically in game stores nowadays with Steam and other platforms dominating the market. But I really appreciate having something physical I can put on my shelf.

Company of Heroes 2 is a great game and worth your time. You can read my review on Company of Heroes 2 by clicking here.


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