Dandee Donuts at the Dandenong Market – Melbourne, Australia – 8 January 2021 – the must try fresh donuts with hot jam, crispy exterior and doughy interior


My absolute favorite cheeky delights are the Dandee Donuts Hot Jam Donuts. You have to absolutely try them out, because they are super cheap, are cooked fresh daily and you won’t regret it. Dandee Donuts is a long established vendor at the Dandenong Market (since 1968) and every time I visit the market, I always make my trip to the iconic purple and yellow truck for a donut or two or even a bag with half a dozen.

When you get to the counter, you just indicate how donuts you want, the donuts will be plucked out from the hot oil, injected with jam, smothered in sugar and packed into a paper bag. It’s a messy meal with the sugar so you will need a napkin or a wet wipe after eating. The donuts are piping hot and are deliciously crispy on the outside and doughy on the inside. It’s just a perfect jam donut.

Dandenong Market is located in the south east of Melbourne. It is about 15 mins from Dandenong Station, but can be reached by public bus and car. If driving, you have to pay for parking on the market side, but if you want to avoid parking fees, you can park at Dandenong Plaza for free and make your way across the road.

Dandenong Market is a long time market, which has been there ever since I was born in the 90s. It’s packed with fruit and vegetable open markets at super cheap and affordable prices. The market is always crowded in the morning. You won’t see this many options at affordable prices at any other market I’ve seen in Melbourne. Dandenong Market is huge. Not only that, there are heaps of butchers, bakeries and other food and non-food stalls. You should visit the Dandenong Market website if you want more information, click here.

Look out for the iconic Dandee Donuts purple and yellow truck

Dandee Donuts hot jam donuts are AUD$1.20 each or you can purchase half a dozen, i.e. six donuts, for AUD$6.50. You can even order extra jam in your donuts for an extra $0.10 cents for each donut. Either way the donuts are totally worth the price.

Prices for the donuts and the counter at Dandee Donuts

Dandee Donuts is located within Dandenong Market in the food stall area (central area) and it is best to get in early, because those donuts can run out by around 12:30 pm. It is located here: Clow Street &, Cleeland St, Dandenong VIC 3175

Dandenong Market only opens on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and closes on some public holidays.

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