Attack on Skytree – Tokyo Skytree, Japan – 17 May 2017 – Attack on Titan overruns Tokyo’s landmark tower and it’s super cool exhibition


Attack on Titan (or Shingeki no Kyojin) is back on steaming services such as Crunchyroll with Attack on Titan: The Final Season. But did you know, back in 2017, there was a collaboration between the manga/anime and the tallest tower in Tokyo, the Tokyo Skytree?

Well, there was and it was one of the highlights of my holiday back in 2017. Attack on Skytree was an exhibition that was exclusively hosted at the Tokyo Skytree at its highest floors. Each floor (and there were four) was decked out with Attack on Titan memorabilia, including several scenes from the anime and sketches from the anime production team of the main characters. It was super cool. The combination of the sights you get from the Skytree and the anime made for an exciting place.

The walkways were narrow at the Attack on Skytree exhibition, but every turn you took introduced something interesting

There were non-exhibition floors for people visiting the Tokyo Skytree to enjoy. But if you wanted to see the Attack on Skytree exhibition, you had to buy another ticket on the uppermost non-exhibition floor (and by the way, from memory the exhibition ticket was about the same price as the standard entry ticket for Tokyo Skytree).

Before you can see the exhibition, you get to ride an elevator to the first floor. It was incredible. There was a unique video that played as the elevator took visitors to the ‘top’. It was a great way to build the suspense and anticipation.

As we walked out of the elevator, we were greeted with a face of the Colossal Titan sticking its head into the side of the tower. It was awesome and there were several exhibits like this, which I have somehow lost photos for. It was one of those, you have to see it to believe it moments.

Can you name all these characters on the wall at the Attack on Skytree exhibition?

There were four floor dedicated to the exhibition and every turn introduced something new, whether it was characters printed on the walls or little titbits in corners. Any fan of Attack on Titan would have loved this exhibition. Plus, there were heaps of videos showing the incredible scenes from the anime.

What made is exhilarating was the background music and the character’s voices. There was epic music from the anime playing as we walked past the various exhibits, including this wall mural with the Colossal Titan and the main characters like Eren, Levi and Armin. We were also treated to the occasional voice of Eren, Levi, Armin and Mikasa as we walked the floors.

An incredible mural of the Colossal Titan and several main characters at the Attack on Skytree exhibition

There were exclusive behind the scenes concept arts and drawings to dazzle at. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get photos of them all. But it was great to see so much content on display.

There was also an exclusive merchandise store and cafe. The merchandise store sold a lot of merchandise with Attack on Skytree imprinted on it, from collector’s glass to notebooks and other stationary.

Sketches from the anime production team at the Attack on Skytree exhibition

The cafe sold some exclusive Attack on Titan inspired dishes. If you ordered a dish, you were given a pretty cool placemat and a coaster to keep. (I still have them to this day.)

I ordered a crème brûlée which came with an Armored Titan biscuit and…

Crème brûlée with an Armored Titan biscuit at the Attack on Skytree exhibition cafe

Bread with ham and potato soup with the Colossal Titan sticking out on top. It came with salad and some Caesar dressing.

The Colossal Titan sitting in a ham and potato soup in bread over some salad

I have to admit that the food was pretty ordinary, but, as you can see, they made for some decent photos.

I also uploaded the introduction to the exhibition on YouTube, i.e. the elevator ride up, so please check it out:

Riding up the elevator to the Attack on Skytree exhibition. It is so cool that you get an exclusive video as you are traveling up.

Unfortunately the Attack on Skytree exhibition was only for a limited time during the Spring season, but don’t fret, at least you can watch the latest anime season.

The Tokyo Skytree is located at 1 Chome-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida City, Tokyo 131-8634, Japan

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