Sakura Lounge – Melbourne, Australia – 23 January 2021 – their motto is inner peace, outer glow. How true it is. The massage was one of the best I’ve had


I had a surprise gift from a special someone and it was to enjoy a massage at the Sakura Lounge. After the whole experience at the massage parlor, I was so impressed and felt rejuvenated and flexible again. I wanted to share this experience and hope people visit it one day.

I noticed after attending the venue that it had so many incredible user reviews on various platforms including Google Reviews. It’s worth the price.

The Sakura Lounge is a Japanese massage parlor that offers a whole host of massage packages and options. You can find out more on their website here. The pricing is on par with other massage services in Melbourne. When I attended (and it seems everyone as well), I had a Japanese masseur. I can attest that they spoke Japanese, because I was conversing about various things in Japanese.

The venue was clean. I felt comfortable throughout the experience even though I was only wearing my underwear. There was nothing dodgy or untoward done. The rooms were nicely scented and the music that was played during the experience was relaxing and sleep inducing (though I didn’t fall asleep, because I enjoyed every moment).

The massage was excellent. I have been given the aromatherapy massage for 45 mins and it was bless. My masseur Hirumi did an excellent job of not only providing a massage, but also managed to unstiffen parts of my shoulder and back (which I didn’t even know I had issues with). My shoulder and back feel so flexible now.

I remember the agony of the Thai massages I’ve had around Australia and Asia. For me, Thai massages are consistently so painful with all the bone cracking and tension placed on parts of the body. I definitely preferred this type of massage more.

The entrance to the massage parlor is off Little Bourke Street and is close to the Melbourne Emporium shopping complex. To help you out, here is a photo:

The entrance to Sakura Lounge

You can do couples massages and more holistic packages. It seems like a very popular, inconspicuous venue.

The Sakura Lounge is located at 8/10 Warburton Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

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