Night Market at G-market Phuket – Phuket Town, Thailand – 24 January 2019 – finding a night market that is full of locals thanks to a bit of adventurism


Getting around Phuket is difficult without your own form of transport, even from the airport, and options like Grab and Taxis aren’t good it you are looking to keep prices low. (Plus, there is always that thought in the back of your mind that you could get swindled.) During our time in Phuket Town, we decided to explore our surrounds and managed to come across a modern shopping center and a fascinating night market.

We decided to wander south-east of our hotel one night to see what Phuket Town had to offer. It seemed like the north-east had very little and the west had little as well (at least on the days we visited), but south-east of the town seemed to be bustling with people, so we decided to wander that way in search of dinner and to satisfy our thirst for new discoveries.

Lookout for the sign to Lard G-Market (or หลาดจี G-market)

We came across several stalls and smaller supermarkets before we came across Lard G-market. We almost decided to give up our trek, thinking that Phuket Town was probably deserted with very little happening. But boy were we wrong. Our decision to push ahead and visit this shopping center paid off. Not only is G-market a modern shopping center, it is home to a bustling night market which springs to life around 6:00 pm. All the stalls are set up around and outside the shopping center complex.

There were heaps of delicious options on the tables, from Thai boat noodles, pad thai to other delectable treats. There was one stall that caught my attention and it was this one, which offered insects.

This is what you are thinking, look close, these are insects for eating

Other than the insect vendor (which I don’t even know if locals like, because I didn’t see many people buying it), there were probably around 50 to 60 street stalls with plenty of food variety. The prices were also super cheap and the things we picked up were all tasty.

The night market is packed with locals on this night

The G-market itself is a modern complex with all a modern grocery store and several Western outlets like KFC, Pizza Hut, etc. It was nice to walk through the complex thanks to the air conditioning.

Lots of street food on offer at really cheap prices, including this egg and coconut dessert

We tried the boat noodles at one of the stores. It was packed with flavor, meats including offal and condiments like coriander, spring onions, etc.

We bought a bowl of Thai boat noodles for just 50 baht at the night market

We even got a front row view of the live entertainment.

Having our bowl of boat noodles in the best seats before the live entertainment

If you are in Phuket Town and want to see some of the action, you can wander around the G-market at night and enjoy the night market and the food and entertainment.

You can find this place by heading to Phuket Grocery, Ongsimphai Rd, Wichit, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000, Thailand

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