Chahan Hana – Takayama, Japan – 30 June 2019 – probably one of the best family run restaurants in the town


Chahan Hana (or 炒飯 花) is located in the idyllic town of Takayama. Takayama is becoming a popular destination, because it is home to several Edo-era houses that line the main town. Chahan Hana is a family owned restaurant is within the Takayama main town and within walking distance to Takayama Station. The restaurant’s hosts takes great pride in its service and ensuring its guests have a great time. Throughout the entire restaurant are photos of people who have been lucky enough to visit. The food is delicious and you are bound to be impressed.

Chahan Hana is a highly rated restaurant in Takayama (on Google Reviews and TripAdvisor) and rightly so. We visited the restaurant after a long day and it happened to be one of the only restaurant’s open during the evening session. We were glad to be lucky one of few customers at the time as it meant we had all the attention of our hosts, who were friendly and talkative.

I remember speaking to them about various topics and at the time they politely acknowledged that I probably knew more Japanese than I let on. While I could certainly string a lot of sentences together. I had to be honest and mentioned that I was at my limit with my Japanese. They certainly knew how to handle a Japanese learning novice like me and still make me feel good. We talked mostly about their business and about their dreams.

Taking a photo with our hosts at Chahan Hana

The interior of the restaurant is small, seating around 20 or so people. I can imagine this restaurant being busy during the lunch hours. All the walls are lined up with photos of people.

When it came to food, I saw that the chicken karaage was their most popular dish, so I made sure to order it. We also ordered some fried rice and some mixed vegetables and meat. The chicken karaage was crispy, juicy and so tender. The rice was delicious and hearty. The mixed vegetables and meat was nice on the taste palette (without that strong aftertaste of MSG).

We ordered some fried rice, mixed vegetables and meat and some chicken karaage at Chahan Hana

Our hosts also made us some origami as we tucked into our meals and talked about their business and dreams.

Chahan Hana’s shopfront along the main street

We were thrilled to have visited and would definitely recommend visiting Chahan Hana if you are in Takayama.

Chahan Hana is located within the main town in Takayama:

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