Holiday Inn Express Brisbane Central – Brisbane, Australia – 5 December 2020 – modern, affordable and good value hotel in the heart of Brisvegas


The Holiday Inn Express Brisbane Central is part of the IHG Hotels & Resorts hotel company. It’s a worldwide company. I’ve been impressed with each of their hotels I’ve stayed in from Singapore, Japan to Australia. There is normally little fuss and they provide all the necessities at an affordable price. As you walk into the reception area, you are greeted to a grand ground floor with plenty of tables and chairs to mingle with your friends and family.

I stayed at Holiday Inn Express Brisbane Central for one night on 5 December 2020. This was the first hotel I visited since COVID-19 hit the world and travel around Australia was limited. I managed to visit Brisbane on the first weekend that borders restrictions were eased for Melburnians traveling to Brisbane. It was a lucky break. I only stayed at the hotel for one night with some friends.

A double room at the Holiday Inn Express Brisbane Central on floor one

I checked into the hotel pretty late in the evening. Thankfully there was little fuss at the counter. I just provided my details and driver’s license and was told that breakfast was available in the morning.

The interior in a double room at the Holiday Inn Express Brisbane Central

As I walked into my room, I thought it was fine for the price and looked quite modern. The hotel has been around since 2016. The room had everything I needed, from fridge, drawers, comfy bed, sofa and decent television.

My main gripe was that the door to the shower and bathroom/toilet was just one hard to budge door, which acted as a door to either the shower or bathroom/toilet but not both. While it is creative to have one door for both the shower and bathroom/toilet, I was glad that it was just me in the room, because it would have been awkward if one person wanted to use the shower and another wanted to use the bathroom/toilet (unless you are a couple or really close friends).

Breakfast buffet is no longer self-serve at the Holiday Inn Express Brisbane Central

I have been to this hotel twice. Both times have been great. Breakfast is usually very good. You have a selection of hot food which changes each day. I am told by my friends that the hash browns are worth it. (I take them at their word. But they didn’t have hash browns on the morning that I visited.) I had a choice of some samosas, croissant with bacon and eggs, boiled tomatoes and baked beans.

You can also pick up cereal, breads and fruit if you prefer something smaller for breakfast. Plus there is fruit juice, milk, tea and coffee.

Some other breakfast items if you are interested at the Holiday Inn Express Brisbane Central

I booked the hotel for a Saturday/Sunday stay through and only paid AUD$125 for the one night.

Carparking around the hotel is fine on weekends and after certain hours, but it can sometimes be hard to find a space. Otherwise you can pay for carparking at the hotel.

Here is a tour of our room, which was a standard room with a queen size bed. I picked this hotel, because it was central to Brisbane’s CBD, affordable, provided free Wifi and complimentary continental breakfast.

What I liked most: The hotel had all the basics needed. You could hang out in the foyer with your friends or just chill in the room with cable television. It was central to several locations in Brisbane’s CBD. The hotel is relatively new and had a really good continental breakfast with hash browns, croissants with bacon and egg, etc. It is a very affordable hotel.

What I liked least: The shower and bathroom/toilet door is just one door and there is little privacy. If you are going with someone, pick someone you don’t mind being around.

Holiday Inn Express Brisbane Central is located to the northeast of Brisbane’s CBD at 168 Wharf St, Spring Hill QLD 4000:

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