Chibo at Abeno Q’s Mall – Tennoji, Osaka, Japan – 11 May 2017 – delicious, affordable okonomiyaki near a main train station and Tennoji Park


Osaka is packed with food options. Thankfully for tourists who hold the Japan Rail Pass, Chibo at Abeno Q’s Mall is easy to reach if you are traveling around the Osaka City Loop. This restaurant is located right on the loop just outside Tennoji Station on the fourth floor of Abeno Q’s Mall.

The store front to Chibo at Abeno Q’s Mall

We were out late on this night and decided to visit Chibo, after reading about the numerous recommendations online. We visited right before we went to visit Spa World Osaka.

We weren’t super hungry, but were keen and happy to try their most popular dish, their Combination Okonomiyaki.

The lifelike food on display at the shop window at Chibo at Abeno Q’s Mall

You can get a good idea of what their dishes look like by looking at the store window. (Most Japanese restaurants nowadays have their splendid plastic food displays, and it truly makes for eating with your eyes.)

The menu was simple and straight forward. The English was embedded into the usual Japanese menu.

A sample of their specials for two diners at Chibo at Abeno Q’s Mall at 3,348 yen

There were several specials on offer and even the option to choose single dishes. The deals provided a small saving.

Another sample of their specials for two at Chibo at Abeno Q’s Mall at 3,088 yen

Osaka is known for its flour based okonomiyaki, whereas Hiroshima is known for its ramen/soba based okonomiyaki. We opted for the Combination Okonomiyaki with seafood and bacon rashes. Our okonomiyaki was cooked right in front of us and served on the hot plate. It is always fascinating to see the chefs build together the okonomiyaki with its layers of complexities, from the meats, the base with eggs and the flourishing of okonomiyaki and kewpie sauces and topped with bonito shavings.

Our okonomiyaki was piping hot and delicious. It was full of delicious meats and carbs with a nice combination of sweet and salty sauce.

Chibo’s Combination Okomomiyaki cooked before our eyes

There are plenty of food options around Tennoji Station, but if you are looking for something popular, represents the local cuisine and is affordable, you can easily find Chibo.

Chibo is located within Abeno Q’s Mall, which is right next to Tennoji Station at 〒545-0052 Osaka, Abeno Ward, Abenosuji, 1 Chome−6−1 あべのキューズモール4F

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