Good Fortune Roast Duck – Victoria Park, Perth, Australia – 22 January 2020 – the best roast duck in Perth and the hype and amazing service is real


There is a really, really good roast duck restaurant in Perth. It can found in two locations, both close to Perth’s CBD. We loved the roast duck and would highly recommend giving this restaurant a visit if you are in the city. The roast duck is better than many roast ducks I have tried anywhere else, including in Hong Kong. Having family in the Chinese restaurant business, I recommend giving things a go a second time on a different day if it doesn’t work out the first time. (Different people working means different styles and quality of food.)

We heard this placed was good, but we didn’t know how good. Roast meat is generally hard to get right since it usually sits by the window sill until it is purchased by a customer. One thing that I can safely say is that Good Fortune Roast Duck gets its roast meat right, particularly its roast duck, and its really worth dining in to try it out. Take away is an option, but you may not get the same experience at home/

The entrance to Good Fortune Roast Duck

There are a number of restaurants along Victoria Park on Albany Highway (it’s not really a highway). If you are there, you should make a beeline to Good Fortune Roast Duck, because even on a weekday, it can be busy with queues and all. Parking around the area was not an issue, since there is plenty around including behind the storefronts along the main road.

The night we visited, it was no different to what we had read in various reviews. The place was busy. We were asked to wait around 30 minutes before we could get a table. But the process is pretty straight forward. Get a number and come back later. We used the time to walk up and down the main area. It was fine for us, since we weren’t super hungry. We just wanted to say that we tried this place.

Us taking a selfie within the Good Fortune Roast Duck restaurant. You can see the cold water and plate with one final prawn cracker.

When we got our seat, we were offered some delicious prawn crackers and a bottle of iced cold water. (The iced cold water was perfect for a hot summer’s day.)

We ordered some roast duck and roast pork. Both came without bones. Both were so delicious. The standout was the roast duck. It had crispy skin and the meat was gamey and slightly fatty. The roast duck wasn’t annoying to eat at all, since there was no bones. The dish came with the meat’s juices in a small bowl. (Don’t ask where this juice came from, but you could probably guess.)

To add some greens, we ordered some Chinese spinach with oyster sauce. This dish too was cooked really well, but it was overshadowed by the roast meats.

Our dishes at Good Fortune Roast Duck include the Roast Duck, Roast Pork and Chinese Spinach

We didn’t eat much, since we had already had so much food during the day. Even on a content belly, eating the dishes here made us think that we probably should have ordered more. Looking around, there were plenty of families and lots of incredible dishes being ordered. At least to me, there was little wonder why this place was packed and full of life, unlike some other establishments.

The prices were much cheaper than the prices we would pay in Melbourne. All up, we had delicious and really good value food. I would come again if I visit Perth.

Good Fortune Roast Duck is located to the southeast of Perth’s CBD at 884 Albany Highway,
East Victoria Park WA 6101:

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