Tsui Wah Restaurant – To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong – 1 April 2018 – a great place to savor some delicious Hong Kong baked goods and pastries


Hong Kong’s bakeries are heavily influenced by western culture due to the 150 years of British rule in the area. Hong Kong is famous for its moon cakes, egg tarts and pineapple buns. Many of these treats can be found by visiting your local yum cha on those carts.

Tsui Wah Restaurant is a chain of restaurant in various locations around Hong Kong serving Hong Kong style food. (The prices at this restaurant are above average and cannot be considered a ‘cheap eats’.) As of 2020, there are 57 branches in Hong Kong, mainland China, Macau and Singapore. At their To Kwa Wan location in Hong Kong, they have a store front for passersby to purchase some of their delicious baked goods and pastries. (Of course, you can also dine in with the restaurant if you want something more than a snack.)

Tsui Wah Restaurant street view with counter for its baked goods

You can smell the baked goods and pastries from afar. (It smelt to enticing.) We could not resist getting some pineapple buns. These buns are normally soft and sweet buns that are topped with a golden, crunchy and crumbly crust. Some buns are plain in the middle, but some others have filling in the middle, which can range from mango jam to vanilla custard.

The variety of baked goods for sale for passersby at Tsui Wah Restaurant at their To Kwa Wan location

If you visit, you should try their original pineapple bun and, if you are lucky, get your hands on their durian flavored pineapple bun. It was delicious.

I found their pineapple bun to be super soft and delicious. The combination of a crunchy and crumbly top and soft bun made for a ‘to-die for’ food experience. You can see from the photos below just how soft the bread is.

The Tsui Wah Restaurant chain can be found all over Hong Kong. Here is the location of the restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui:

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