Sing Lum Khui Noodles – Hong Kong – 29 March 2018 – try some delicious spicy and sour noodle soup in this well known Kowloon establishment


We just arrived in Hong Kong from Shanghai in the afternoon. After dropping our things off at the hotel, we decided to walk down Nathan Road in search for some interesting restaurants. We veered down Lock Road and fortunately came across this bustling, busy restaurant with an interesting sign with a gold medal on it. Not knowing much about it, I decided that we had to give this a try. It was a good decision, because the soup was certainly unique and it was nice to have on a wet, cooler day.

Sitting inside Sing Lum Khui Noodles. It is a small restaurant.

It is said that Sing Lum Khui stands out for its award-winning signature broth, which perfectly balances sour and spicy flavors. I think it succeeds in getting the flavors right in many ways. The combination is said to come from the Yunan region in mainland China.

The interior of the restaurant is tiny. There are tables and chairs lined up on each side. From what I could see, the taking of orders and the eating happens pretty quickly. The customer turnover is fast.

Picked a few options from the menu, including Chinese Red Sausage, at Sing Lum Khui Noodles

We were given a menu on a piece of paper and asked to select what noodle soup we wanted based on a whole host of really nice options. We had to purchase the base noodles for HKD$26 (which is approximately AUD$4.5) and we then asked to add what we wanted in addition to the noodles from a choice of the following:

  • Beef Balls, Cheese Sausage and Crab Sticks for $6 per addition
  • Chicken Middle Wing, Pig’s Blood and Lobster Ball for $7 per addition
  • Spicy Sliced Port, Wonton and Kelp for $8 per addition.

I went with some pretty standard options. But we could customize our noodle soup with whatever additions we wanted. It could get pretty expensive if we went overboard with our choices.

Picked some fish balls and bean curd to our noodle soup at Sing Lum Khui Noodles

If you don’t want to choose, you can select a pre-set noodle soup for around $49 to $61. The $61 option comes with the following: Spicy Sliced Pork, Beef Muscle, Chicken Wing, Chinese Sausage, Dry Bean Ball, Crab Stick, Bean Curd in their Traditional Chinese Rice Noodle Soup. HKD$61 is only about AUD$10. It is a really good value compared with the prices we pay back home in Melbourne for a similar noodle soup.

The order menu at Sing Lum Khui Noodles

When ordering your noodle soup, you can choose the spiciness and sourness level and also whether you want more or less bean sprouts, leek, coriander, noodles and green onion.

The noodle soup was delicious and made for a great welcome to Hong Kong.

The front entrance to Sing Lum Khui Noodles on 23 Lock Road

Sing Lum Khui Noodles is located around here on 23 Lock Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Unfortunately the marker isn’t accurate on this map, but you can see Lock Road is to the left of Nathan Road.

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