Maha Restaurant – Melbourne, Australia – 20 May 2021 – a fantastic $20 burger and beer deal during lunch in the middle of the CBD


Melbourne’s CBD is slowly come back to life after the COVID pandemic swept most of its visitors and workers into the confines of their own home. Though the coast isn’t clear yet as the recent experiences in Singapore and Taiwan show that Australians should not become too complacent about our relative peace. Fortunately we have good State Premiers who are doing a good job and showing leadership in a space they aren’t even constitutionally responsible for.

Having been away from the office for so long and now being back in the office part time, I felt the desire to catch up with people I couldn’t meet in the city during lunch hours.

I decided to pull up some restaurants on Google to see if any had interesting lunch deals. Maha’s burger and beer deal popped up. On looking at the deal, I thought Maha is a pretty fancy Middle Eastern restaurant, it would be a good place to try.

Fancy it was. The doors are all automated and the décor is really classy. The interiors are black, yet very elegant and modern. It’s the sort of place you visit on a special occasion.

We reserved our place on their website for the burger and beer deal for $20. This deal came with a lamb burger with a tasty lamb patty, smoked eggplant mayo, basturma (ham), lettuce, brioche, and kassir cheese. This comes with a Brick Lane red hoppy ale (or in my case a glass of Lemon Lime Bitters).

We also ordered the chips as well for $6.50.

The burger was delicious. The lamb patty was meaty and nice to bite into. The basturma added a nice texture to the patty. When you add the mayo, lettuce and the soft, yet slightly charred brioche bun together with the meats, it was just amazing. There came a point where I couldn’t hold the burger together. Thankfully they provided a knife and fork on the side. The chips were also really done really well.

This special at Maha is only available for lunch time between Monday to Friday at their bar only. The seating in the bar is still pretty fancy.

Based on their burger, I would come back to Maha again to try their main dishes.

Maha Restaurant is located close to Flinders Street Station at 21 Bond St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000:

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