Macelleria at The Glen – Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Australia – 20 May 2021 – decent priced steaks with good burgers and sides


There are really only two dedicated steak restaurants in Glen Waverley that I can think of, Steak Ministry and Macelleria. This particular chain of Macelleria only opened in 2019 at the pavilion at the Glen Shopping Centre. It can easily be reached walking up from the main area in Kingsway. The steaks are cooked well and the food is good and decently priced.

I have never been to the Steak Ministry, even though its been around longer, because I have been turned away a few times due to lack of reservation and/or the prices for some of their menu items. Though I still want to try it one day when I’m feeling up for a steak. So, I can’t compare the two.

The front of Macelleria at the Glen

I have been to Macelleria twice now. Both times trying difficult cuts of their steaks and sauces.

I think their menu is good as there many options including steaks, burgers, sausages and ribs. Plus the prices are pretty reasonable.

We were seated at our table without a hitch, water came pretty quickly and it was all table service (where the waiter came to our table to take our orders). It was all well organized and seamless.

The menu at Macelleria at the Glen

I ordered their Wagyu Sirloin with some Chimichurri sauce. Had the steak cooked to medium rare. Overall, the meat was good, cooked to medium rare, easy to eat and the sauce was alright. The steak had a nice sprinkle of sea salt. The sauce didn’t have a huge flavor profile. All up the Wagyu Sirloin was AUD$32 for 250 grams and $3 for the sauce.

My sirloin steak with some chimichurri sauce at Macelleria at the Glen

The Rustic Fries was nice and crunchy. It was pretty good fries. Each fry was cooked well and there wasn’t a bad one amongst the ones that I had. (I really like my fries, so this bowl was gone by the time we finished our meal.)

A bowl of some nice chips at Macelleria at the Glen

My wife had the Fungo Burger which came with an angus patty, swiss cheese and grilled mushroom. The burger was nice and done well.

The Fungo burger at Macelleria at the Glen

The overall atmosphere in the restaurant was good. The service was good. The food was good. There wasn’t a lot to say that stood out other than the whole experience being pretty seamless and well organized.

According to Google translate, Macelleria means butcher’s shop in Italian. That might explain why the meat is displayed in the case near the cashier. The meat was impressively laid out for customers to see. (I didn’t quite get the Italian vibe, but it may have been just me not paying enough attention.)

The uncooked steaks and sausages at Macelleria at the Glen

The Glen Shopping Centre is located at 235 Springvale Road, Melbourne, Victoria 3150, Australia:

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