Scoopy Milk Bar – Melbourne, Australia – 12 December 2020 – this is the Korean bingsu to try and its so good, plus it’s in Melbourne


I was first introduced to Scoopy Milk Bar when it was part of the short lived HWKR and also when it made its appearance at the Noodle Night Market near Federation Square. I fell in love with this Korean dessert bingsu. It’s so good. It’s sweet, but it’s done with all the right ingredients and is something that you can share with your better half.

This restaurant can be hard to find and you won’t know it also serves as Scoopy Milk Bar unless you look carefully

Scoopy Milk Bar has found a home not far from where HWKR used to be in Guildford Lane. It can very difficult to find as it is in between alleys and it is not a heavy traffic area. I recommend using Google Maps to find it. Hopefully the photo above helps.

When you do find it, you will see a small menu on the window, an open window sill to take orders and delivery orders, and a QR code. The seating inside is for Brick Lane customers where it is mostly taken up by people eating savory dishes, while the exterior seating is for people who are just here for the bingsu.

The menu at Scoopy Milk Bar

We ordered our bingsu using their QR code and paid with our credit card. The ordering process was pretty seamless and not long after making our order, we heard our order come through.

We ordered the Royal Taro. It came with plenty of interesting sweets, including blueberry popping pearls, tapioca, rainbow jelly, taro flavored shaved ice, roasted sliced almond and some taro mochi. This came with a tub of condensed milk, which you can pour over the top of the dessert. It’s no secret that this is a really sweet dessert, but it is really good. There are a lot of gooey textures from mochi, jelly and crunchy almonds slices. Whenever I eat a bingsu, I always share one with my better half.

If you are seated outside during the colder months, I recommend bringing a coat or jacket. The alley can get quite windy.

We ordered the Royal Taro at Scoopy Milk Bar

A regular bingsu is AUD$14 and there are eight different flavors to choose from.

Scoopy Milk Bar is located at 33 Guildford Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000:

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