FINAL FANTASY PIXEL REMASTER – Mobile and Steam – 14 June 2021 – remasters of the original non-remakes of first six games to be released again as standalones

On 14 June 2021, Square Enix showcased a number of its titles from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Babylon Falls to a remaster of Life is Strange. There was a lot of anticipation that there would be a big reveal of something big for the Final Fantasy franchise. That did happen, in the announcement of STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN, but it didn’t quite hit the mark in my mind and not least a few others I have asked. This Devil May Cry, Dark Souls inspired game is certainly different, but it seems too far removed to still be called Final Fantasy. Hopefully my expectations can only be impressed once it is released.

Well, I was hoping to see a trailer for FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Part 2 and FINAL FANTASY XVI, but that didn’t happen. Oh well…

Back to FINAL FANTASY PIXEL REMASTER, it looks like Square Enix will take all the original six games and digitally remaster each one. There is scant information at the moment, but it looks like the games will be based on their non-remaster, non-advanced versions. I am hoping this isn’t the case and that these remasters actually have everything and a bit more. It would be disappointing to see these games released again with nothing more than a glossy screen and updated pixels. So I am hoping all the updates and additions in the Gameboy Advanced and/or mobile versions are included, e.g. Final Fantasy IV should have After Years and Final Fantasy VI has espers like Diabolos, Gilgamesh, and Cactuar.

Square Enix have announced that each game will be available on mobile phones and Steam as standalone games.

If these remasters do come, I am hoping they come with a host of additional things from game boosters like in Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X and XII (free items, HP restore, etc), the ability to restrict experience gain for people to do challenge runs, a host of new bosses, weapons and story, and/or some never seen before art and music.

The short trailer for FINAL FANTASY PIXEL REMASTER is in the link below.

The trailer for STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN is in the link below:

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