Alowyn Gardens – Yarra Glen, Melbourne, Victoria – 12 May 2019 – a large symmetrical garden that would be great for a wedding


The Yarra Valley is far from Melbourne’s CBD. There are plenty of vineyards and wine cellars out in this rural part of Melbourne. In addition, there are are also incredibly large gardens, wildlife and sights to see. We were lucky to visit during a season when there was still a lot of lush greenery around in this garden. We missed out on the lavender and the Japanese wisteria archway in full bloom, but it was still incredible.

According to the Alowyn Garden website:

Alowyn Garden is designed along strong symmetrical lines that become blurred by the softness of the spaces and the grace of the trees, within an area of approximately 4 acres. There are 5 clearly defined areas within the gardens, a perennial border, designed to display colour from Spring to Autumn, a silver birch forest, an edible garden of generous proportions, a parterre garden and a number of display gardens. The formal parterre garden is built along 17th century design principles, leads you through to a series of smaller courtyards and display gardens. Through all these area runs a wisteria and rose covered archway 100m long with a sunken garden and a classical fountain as a centre piece.

Someone is planning on having their wedding here at Alowyn Garden, here at the wisteria archway

Before you can set foot in the garden, you have to pay a small garden entry fee.

There are different gardens to explore from their parterre, forest, perennial, edible, display, dry and French Style gardens.

Alowyn Garden also serves as an incredible venue for a wedding. If you pick the right time of year, you can amaze your guests with a Japanese wisteria archway in full bloom as you walk down the aisle. Then you can take some incredible photos amongst the various flowers and gardens with your better half and guests.

As I was walking around the garden, I was impressed by how big it was and well maintained everything was. It was a very peaceful walk.

You can purchase pot plants to take home at their nursery or just enjoy the sights with having some light with a coffee or tea at their cafe.

The garden is open seven days per week from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. Some Saturdays and Sundays, they close at 4.00 pm for weddings. 

Alowyn Gardens is located to the far north east of Melbourne at 1210 Melba Highway, Yarra Glen, Victoria 3775

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