The Meat & Wine Co at Chadstone Shopping Centre – Malvern East, Melbourne, Australia – 27 November 2020 – a visually impressive venue to catch-up with your friends, family and colleagues


The Meat & Wine Co at Chadstone is part of the Hotel Chadstone building alongside some other restaurants. So don’t try and find this restaurant within the main Chadstone complex, you won’t have any luck. On the night I visited, the steaks were delicious and I felt the atmosphere was suited for important occasions such as dates or business meetings. Plus, if you had guests that were traveling by taxi or Uber, they could be dropped off near the entrance to this restaurant just in front of Hotel Chadstone. It’s a convenient location.

The Meat & Wine Co has a South African heritage and you can see it showcased through the tableware and décor. What is really good about the venue is just how spacious it seems and how state of the art it feels. (I think it’s fine dining level interiors.) I managed to sit in a round sofa table with my other table guests and it was all around, a really comfortable and pleasant experience because we could all face each other. The only downside came if someone in the middle needed to get out to either stretch their legs or visit the rest room. Tables were nice and big and the seats were comfortable.

The menu at The Meat & Wine Co at Chadstone

The steaks are on the more expensive end, but they do a good job cooking them compared to some other steak restaurants. If you are on a budget, the cheapest cut is the Rump Eye 200g for AUD$28 and, if you don’t mind, the most expensive on the menu is the Wagyu Rib-Eye 300g for $86. Steak is the main thing to get here, but if you don’t want steak there are plenty of other non-steak options. (If no one orders steak, you have to wonder why you are at this restaurant.)

The drinks menu was extensive. My other companions were ordering all kinds of wines and cocktails from their menu.

For me, I ordered a medium rare New Yorker 350g steak for $49 which comes with a side of chips (or salad) and some Barbeque Relish sauce for $4. The steak was nice and tasty. Not much more to say other than it was cooked well and evenly. The sauce was okay, but it didn’t have much kick to it.

Due to the occasion, we also added some desserts to share including their Classic Crème Brûlée and Sticky Date Pudding. I thought their brûlée was really nice and had a good, but not too crazy level of sweetness. I didn’t have any strong views about the sticky date pudding.

All in all, the venue was certainly a highlight. It was impressive how nice the aesthetics looked.

The Meat & Wine Co is located in the Hotel Chadstone complex, which you can walk to from the main shopping complex. Chadstone Shopping Centre is located at 1341 Dandenong Road, Malvern East, Victoria 3145, Australia

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