Agathe Patisserie at South Melbourne Market – South Melbourne, Australia – 12 December 2020 – an incredible French patisserie that has a delicious collection of ever changing sweet delights


South Melbourne is packed with some incredible places to visit, including the famous, iconic South Melbourne Market. The South Melbourne Market is home to some incredible food, delis and specialty goods. (I sometimes come to pick up groceries and some cheap end-of-day fruit and vegetables.) You can also find the famous South Melbourne Dim Sims, Simply Spanish Paella, Gozleme, Borek and oysters.

One place you need to visit is the Agathe Patisserie, which is a French patisserie that sells all kinds of French inspired sweet delights from their famous croissant, custard hearts to their flans. I used to visited regularly since I worked in the area. The menu, which is always visible and out on display, changes from week to week. There are the usual suspects from their pain au chocolat, escargot, and apple turnover, but there would be surprises like pandan croissant and cronuts (a mix of croissant and donut).

The pastries are nice, flakey and just the right butteriness. It is always a joy to see people enjoy their pastries. Though, it can get a bit messy eating their croissant or even trying to spit their pastries in half with your fellow pastry connoisseur.

Each time I visit, there is usually a line of people ordering. (Plus, the smell of pastries is just freshly baked alluring.) The queues are not super long during the early morning and late afternoon but move quickly even during rush hour, since they usually have multiple servers at the counter. While in the queue, you can get a glimpse of what you want to order so that you aren’t stumped for choice when it comes to your turn.

When you get to the counter, you should make sure to bring a card, because they don’t take cash payments. The pastries range from AUD$6 to $9.

I tried their pandan croissant back in December 2020 and was just really satisfied. The croissant was flakey, crunchy and had a good pandan icing and flavor.

You can catch them making the pastries during certain periods in the day. It is fascinating. It is also great to see that there hire a whole host of people from different age groups and that they keep things tidy and clean.

You can reach the South Melbourne Market by taking the route 96 tram and route 12 (but route 12 requires some walking). Agathe Patisserie at South Melbourne Market is located at 322 Coventry St, South Melbourne VIC 3205:

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