Tea Royale at M-City – Clayton, Box Hill and Wantirna South, Melbourne, Australia – 12 July 2021 – their premium tea lattes are really good and love their mochi waffle


I am glad that I had a chance encounter with Tea Royale when I visited the Westfield Knox Shopping Centre back in 2020. I was really impressed with their bubble tea (or boba). Ever since that moment, in Melbourne at least, I think they are probably the best bubble tea franchise in this city. If you go for their bubble tea, go for their premium tea latte range because they are all impressive and really good. Tea Royale gives the appearance of luxury and it actually lives up to that having visited at least three times and tried different things on their menu.

Equally, I would also give their mochi waffle a go, because they are usually super crispy and delicious. Mochi has a chewy, smooth, elastic texture and it’s an all round unique texture that you have never tried before (but you should give it a go). I think of mochi like marshmallows meets gummy candy in a doughy starchy confection. It’s so good.

The mochi waffle is only AUD$3. I had it at both their Knox and Box Hill stores and they were super crispy and pipping hot. It did take a while for the mochi waffle to be ready, but we were happy with it. When it came to the M-City Clayton store, we were surprised to see Oreo mochi waffle added to the menu so we decided to give it a go. It was $4 per Oreo mochi waffle. I thought the M-City mochi waffles were nice, but I think they didn’t leave the waffles long enough in the waffle machine. It didn’t quite hit the same crunch factor, but it was still really delicious and decadent. (It was also slightly bigger than what I remember, because they probably didn’t leave it in the machine for long enough.)

The interior of Tea Royale at M-City in Clayton

As for drinks, I highly recommend both their Taro tea latte for $8.80 and their Strawberry cheesecake tea latte for $8.80. Both drinks are superb. For the Strawberry Cheesecake tea latte there were strawberries included as well as a delicious strawberry jam, sakura agar jelly and some cheese milk foam. It was an awesome combination. I would highly recommend it. (Word of warning, it is pretty sweet drink.)

On this occasion, we picked a new item on the menu called the Biscoff biscuit tea latte for $6.80. It has normal milk tea in the middle, but the edges are surrounded with a delicious caramel with a sensational biscuity flavor. You have to scrape the sides to get the flavor into the straw. The milk tea is ordinary, but it gets really good when you get the caramel into the drink. On top of that, we also got a Biscoff biscuit in a plastic wrapper on top of the drink’s lid.

We ordered the Biscoff biscuit tea latte and some Oreo mochi waffle at Tea Royale at M-City in Clayton

The Tea Royale at M-City only recently opened around May or June 2021. It can be found on the outside of the M-City complex.

On the day, we ordered a drink and three mochi waffles, two Oreo and one normal, and just so happened to get an extra Oreo mochi waffle for free. So we were pretty pleased. I think it was due to the waffle machine being able to create four mochi waffles at a time and they didn’t want to waste the extra one that they prepared.

Tea Royale’s shop front can be seen from the main road off Blackburn Road. M-City is located at 2125 Princes Hwy, Clayton VIC 3168:

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