Mr Miyagi – Windsor, Melbourne, Australia – 25 November 2017 – you should try their famous sushi tacos at their restaurant in Chapel Street


Chapel Street to the south east of Melbourne’s CBD used to be a really popular strip for high end fashion and other boutique stores. With online retail dominating the scene and shopping centers being the next best thing, Chapel Street’s clothes and non-food stores are slowly being replaced by cafes and restaurants. One really popular restaurant that has been around for a while is Mr Miyagi. It’s a Japanese restaurant with a casual and modern vibe to it. It’s famous for its Salmon Nori Taco for AUD$15.50, which are made with kombu-infused slow-cooked salmon, sushi vinegar rice, fragrant kimchi, kewpie mayonnaise and black bean chilli oil and all encased within a crispy nori (seaweed) taco shell.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is generally great. There had open windows and a nice modern aesthetic to the décor. I felt that the venue wasn’t great for business meetings as it got pretty noisy during peak lunch hour.

Salmon Nori Taco at Mr Miyagi’s

On the menu are their famous Miyagi Fried Chicken and their ‘surprise me’ Happy’s Handroll, which is usually very good. Happy’s Handroll comes with an assortment of cut up handrolls. Sometimes you get multiple toppings or just one extravagant topping and on the side you always get wasabi and some pickled radish as well.

Scnitty Bao and Tofu Bao at Mr Miyagi’s

On the day we visited, we were lucky to walk in without waiting since it seemed we came when it was about to get busy. Otherwise, you should reserve in advance if for groups of 5 or more people, but it is strictly walk-in for groups of 4 or less people.

We ordered the Salmon Nori Taco, a Tofu Bao and Scnitty Bao and Happy’s Handroll. The taco was crispy and hard to eat because the sauces oozed around the edges, but it is was packed with the slow cooked salmon filling and other fragrant delectables. The bao were nice and also messy to eat. I preferred the Scnitty Bao over the Tofu Bao, because it had a nicer crunch and sauce. We were impressed by the selection of handrolls that came with Happy’s Handroll as it add a bit of everything.

Our assortment of handrolls that came with Happy’s Handroll at Mr Miyagi’s

Chapel Street is a long street that you can walk up and down. It crosses both South Yarra and Windsor. If you come by train, it is best to get off at Windsor Station.

Mr. Miyagi is located at 99 Chapel Street, Windsor, Victoria 3181:

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