Pokémon Store Narita Airport – Narita, Chiba, Japan – visit the Pokémon Store at the airport before you leave Japan


If you arrive early and have time to spare when you arrive at Narita International Airport, you have to visit the Pokémon Store. The Pokémon Store is a smaller Pokémon Center, but all the main things from plushes, stationary and travel accessories can be found at this stop. If you are big Pokémon enthusiast, you should still visit a proper Pokémon Center as there is more on offer and buy.

Narita International Airport is most likely your first port of call, final destination or both when you visit Japan. More often than not based on conversations I’ve had with other people, I think it is common for people to visit this Pokémon Store before they leave the country. I think it makes sense, since a lot of the more expensive merchandise like hoodies, oversized plushes and furniture aren’t found at this store.

The shopfront at Pokémon Store Narita Airport

Narita International Airport can be a fun airport to visit, but I find the area before the security gate to be far more interesting. There are more restaurants and interesting stores like this Pokémon Store to visit. If you have time, don’t go straight for the security gate when you get your boarding tickets, explore the area above and around the security gate. Once you pass the security gate, unfortunately there are less options and it is less interesting stores to visit. Plus, despite things being tax free once you pass customs and the security gate, merchandise and general goods are marked up and aren’t considered cheap.

Each time visited this store, I was surprised by how much stuff could be purchased. Although it is a small store and can only stock limited wares, it still offers a lot. However, it is no substitute to visit a Pokémon Center in Tokyo or other major city, since no matter how impressive this Pokémon Store is, you will not doubt be more awed by the contents at the Pokémon Center.

In July 2019, I purchased plushes I was missing and also partook in the Ichiban Kuji (Best Lottery) which had cute Eevee and Pikachu merchandise on offer. Although I didn’t win big, I managed to secure some nice tupperware containers. Plus I managed to purchase some keyrings and other smaller things as gifts for friends and family with any remaining coins I had.

Captain Pikachu welcomes you to the Pokémon Store Narita Airport

By visiting the Pokémon Store, you should pick up the unique Pikachu which are the Captain Pikachu (male) plush and the Pikachu Hostess (female) plush.

The map once you pass the security gates. It isn’t a very interesting area.

You can see from the map above that your options are much more limited once you pass the security gates at Narita International Airport. If you have time, you should explore the area before making your way through the security gates and to your board gate. Obviously, be sure to make your flight.

The Pokémon Store Narita Airport is located at Terminal 2 at Narita International Airport and can be reached before passing through security:

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