Hoa Tran – Springvale, Melbourne, Australia – an popular, favorite restaurant by locals with its huge, predominantly Vietnamese menu is full of delicious dishes


I think Springvale is the best place for the best Vietnamese food in Melbourne. It’s a suburb in the south-east and it’s home to so many incredible long standing Vietnamese restaurants. One such long standing restaurant is Hoa Tran. Hoa Tran is always busy. It’s menu is full of incredible, delicious dishes and they do a lot of things really well. If you are in Springvale for the first time, you should consider this restaurant if you don’t have anything in mind.

The restaurant has quite a narrow shop front, but it somehow manages to seat so many people. There is a downstairs and upstairs area. The service is generally prompt and things get served quickly, unless it is super busy or you are ordering an uncommonly ordered dish.

Like most Vietnamese restaurants in Springvale, you are offered some Jasmine Tea to pour yourself while you wait for your meal. The tea is usually boiling hot, so its best to let it cool before sipping it. Also, on the table are a whole bunch of condiments like soy sauce, fish sauce, pepper, salt and chili oil.

Hoa Tran boasts an extensive menu. You can order pretty much any Vietnamese dish you can think of. Almost all of it is done really well and you are bound to want to come back to try their other dishes.

Here, we ordered their Combination Omelet on Rice. This comes with soup and sweet chili sauce. The rice sits beneath an omelet over with meat and seafood. The omelet is nice and fluffy and the ingredients are cooked nicely. The dish is AUD$16.50.

Combination Omelet on Rice comes with sauce and soup for $16.50 at Hoa Tran, Springvale

I think Hoa Tran do an excellent job with their noodle soups. There are a series of noodles soups that you choose from which range from $15 to $17 where you get a bowl of rice or egg noodle soup and a side of meat from Roast Duck, Char Siew (Barbecue) Pork, Grilled Chicken, Crispy Fried Chicken, Salt and Pepper Chicken Ribs and Diced Beef.

I recommend trying their Roast Duck and Grilled Chicken. Roast Duck since their meat and sauce are so well done. It’s almost the perfect Roast Duck Noodle Soup. Their Grilled Chicken is boneless chicken with grill marks and is so tender and easy to eat alongside the noodles.

Fried Diced Beef with Capsicum and Onions with Egg Noodle Soup for $17 at Hoa Tran, Springvale

They also have a huge drinks and dessert menu, including Three Color Drink for $4.5 and various fruit smoothies like durian and banana smoothies.

I noticed if you purchase their prawn crackers for $4, you get a gigantic bowl of them.

If you check the walls, you will see newspaper clippings of reviews done by famous Australian chefs and food critics from Matt Preston and Adam Liaw (Master Chef Australia).

Hoa Tran is located in an alleyway at 246A Springvale Rd, Springvale VIC 3171:

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