Miss Pickle 1971 – Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Australia – a modern Greek restaurant with some colorful sauces


There are so many restaurants around Glen Waverley that you would be spoilt for choice. There are a few Greek restaurants in the area, but Miss Pickle 1971 is the only one at The Glen Shopping Centre. Miss Pickle 1971 has a nice array of Greek souvlakis and mixed plates.

The restaurant has a simple set up with an open window into the dining room and some benches on the outside.

Menu at Miss Pickle 1971

In terms of dishes, I thought the Halloumi Snack Pack for AUD$21 stood out. It is a bowl of chips topped with lamb, halloumi, beetroot sauce, tzatziki sauce and spring onion. The combination of food was nice, but it was a tad salty. The meat’s main seasoning is salt, the halloumi is naturally salty, and the chips were also salty, so you will need a glass of water or two with this Snack Pack. The Halloumi Snack Pack is definitely worth sharing with others and presented nicely for photos.

Halloumi Snack Pack with lamb at Miss Pickle 1971

We also ordered the souvlaki with the Athens style for $17 which came with tzatziki sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion and chips. This was served with lemon potatoes. The souvlaki was nice with a toasted wrap, but I wasn’t a fan of the fat potatoes, since it was slightly charred and lacked a nice crispiness and softness in the middle. The lemon sauce was there, but it wasn’t enough to change my view that I didn’t like the lemon potatoes.

Open Souvlaki with chicken and Lemon Potato Chips at Miss Pickle 1971

We weren’t immediately provided water and glasses, but we were given them after making the request. The restaurant seemed quiet on our visit, but I think it’s nice to have this as an option since there are a lot of Asian restaurants around.

Miss Pickle 1971 is located in the new precinct at The Glen Shopping Centre is located at 235 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley, Victoria 3150:

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