Maguro Bar – Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Australia – a popular sushi and sashimi bar in the Glen Shopping Centre


The Maguro Bar (or Tuna Bar) is in a good location within the Glen Shopping Centre. You are bound to walk past this store if you are on the ground floor of the shopping centre. From what I can see on an almost daily basis, there are many passersby that walk past this sushi bar to see what is being crafted, whether it’s the shucking of oysters or slicing various fish for sushi and sashimi to the amazing array of food on offer.

This particular sushi bar seems to always have customers and is well liked by the locals.

The shopfront to the Maguro Bar

There are plenty of good sushi, sashimi and oyster options to consider. They even have a variety of bento boxes and sushi packs from small boxes to larger ones. The larger bentos and sushi packs have more variety and more so geared towards sharing. You are bound to find a box that impresses you.

We ordered a Mixed Sushi Platter for AUD$38. This came with an assortment of sushi for three people. It came with a trio of prawn, scallop, tuna, octopus, salmon and eel sushi.

All the sushi was tasty and well put together. I really liked their scallop which was succulent and their prawn was also very good. It seems they pick some great produce and make their sushi with care and skill. The Mixed Sushi Platter had a good mix of options, but at $38 I felt it was a bit expensive.

We ordered the Mixed Sushi Platter at the Maguro Bar

Maguro Bar is located at Shop L034, The Glen Shopping Centre, 235 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley VIC 3150:

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