Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay – Marina Bay, Singapore – a must see for any visitor and its impressively stunning indoor rainforest


Before COVID-19 struck, I always remembered packing so much into my holidays. For me, holidays are able adventuring and experiencing new things. Doing things as opposed to lazing around is always my preference. As such, there was always meticulous planning to ensure that each day had around two to three big things happening. When it came to Singapore, there was always something that every reviewer and tourist would recommend to visitors, it was the Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay. Without a doubt, it meant that I had to add the Cloud Forest to my list of destinations to visit. And it didn’t disappoint. It was incredible and worth the entrance fee. You are bound to get some excellent photos against the lush vegetation and waterfall.

To get to Gardens by the Bay, which has no admission fee for the outdoor garden areas, it is recommended that you take the train to the Bayfront Station. From there, you can easily spot the famous spires that represent the Gardens by the Bay in all the brochures and advertisements around the airport and city. Head towards it and you should start seeing signs that helpfully lead you to the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. Unlike the rest of the garden, both the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome require an entrance fee.

The Falls as you enter the Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay

There are two areas you can visit, which are within walking distance of one another, and they are the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. In terms of preference, I much preferred the Cloud Forest since it was far more interesting to walk through and had a more interesting atmosphere. (Plus, I think the waterfall and the greenery growing down the mountain is so much more cooler.)

The cost to enter the Cloud Forest is around SGD$20 and with the Flower Dome it is $28. It’s cheaper for locals.

When you enter, you start at the base of the main spire (they call it a mountain) and you have the ability to traverse all the way to the very top to find a small pond at its peak. As you get higher and higher, it feels like you are walking in the clouds because the mist becomes more and more prevalent. (It’s more like walking through fog.)

It is really cool to climb the main spire (or they call it mountain), because there is a waterfall on one side and plenty of openings for you to stand next to the waterfall. Equally, there are enough platforms for your better half to take some incredible photos of you next to the waterfall.

Equally the air in the forest was chilled and refreshing. It was nice to breath in.

We spent at least a good hour and half walking around the the various garden beds, tree top walk and cloud walk. And we managed to get some some good exercise in without realizing given how much there was to see and capture.

Overall, we were were stunned by how big the Cloud Forest was and just how many things it had – the garden beds were so colorful and well curated. If the Cloud Forest was my local park and it was free, I would be walking through it everyday. Also I think nature lovers will enjoy this experience as well, because it’s a rainforest and it’s one that is curated to give visitors a great experience and a safe environment. (A real rainforest would present dangers and hazards.)

Look at all that mist in the main spire in the Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay

Once we were happy with our exploration of the Cloud Forest, we spent some time in the Flower Dome and then walked around Gardens by the Bay for a bit before heading into The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands for lunch and shopping. This all happened back in January 2018.

The Cloud Forest is located at Gardens By The Bay, Singapore, Central 018953:

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