Rose Garden BBQ – Melbourne, Australia – you have to try their famed, delicious roast pork omelet with gravy on rice


If you are in Melbourne’s CBD and want a delicious, cheap meal, you ought to visit Rose Garden BBQ. It is a well loved Chinese restaurant on Elizabeth Street. It is only a short walk away from Melbourne Central Station. The service is fast, the food is inexpensive from AUD$10 to $15, and I cannot fault many of their dishes, which are all done incredibly well and are delicious.

Rose Garden BBQ does an excellent Roast Pork Omelet with Gravy on Rice for AUD$13.50. It comes with a fluffy omelet with crispy pork mixed in the egg. This omelet sits atop a bed of rice and is then topped with their delicious gravy and spring onions. It sounds simple, but its rare to find a dish like this elsewhere. It’s rare for other restaurant’s to offer something so damn delicious like this dish. I believe it’s their signature dish and its so worth it in many ways. The taste of the gravy paired with the omelet go very well together and, I’ve had it so many times that never over seasoned. For me it’s a very hearty, comfort dish.

I’ve even bought this a few times as a takeaway dish, traveling at least an hour from the city back home to eat it for dinner. Even after a long trip, it still tasted delicious. It’s not just this dish that did well in the long trip. Their other dishes that I brought home were equally delicious and meat remained tender, especially some of their chicken dishes. (I can still recall how tender and delicious the chicken meat was.)

The famous Roast Pork Omelet with Gravy on Rice at Rose Garden BBQ

Below is their Meat and Vegetables on Crispy Noodles. The photo says it all, but quickly the noodles were crispy (and soft in the middle), the vegetables were nicely coated in a thin layer of their gravy and the meat was tender. I can tell that the restaurant puts a lot of care in making their food presentable with good ingredients.

Combination Meat and Vegetables on Crispy Noodles at Rose Garden BBQ

When you dine in, you are served some jasmine tea and can try their chili oil with your meal. The dining area is small, but very typical of Chinese establishments in the city.

Rose Garden BBQ also does some really nice roast meats as well like Roast Pork, Roast Duck and Barbecue Pork (Char Siew).

Check it out and give it a go. Rose Garden BBQ is located in the CBD at 435 Elizabeth Street, CBD, Melbourne:

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