Go Noodle House at Chadstone Shopping Centre – Malvern East, Melbourne, Australia – you will walk past this restaurant, so don’t ignore it – visit and enjoy a bowl of Malaysian noodle soup


If you have ever visited Chadstone Shopping Centre, you are bound to walk pass this restaurant. There are no walls, the kitchen is within complete view of customers and you can always tell if it’s busy or not. But is it any good? I visited the Go Noodle House city branch a few times along Little Bourke Street and knew what I was coming into. The menu is mostly the same, but the atmosphere is different in that the city store is enclosed within its own walls whereas this Chadstone is in plain view. (I guess one advantage is that you can see how they cook your food.)

The signage for Go Noodle House within Chadstone Shopping Centre

Go Noodle House serves Malaysian noodles, both dry and noodle soup kinds. Their signature noodle soup dish is their Superior Soup Pan Mee for AUD$13.90, which comes with traditional handmade noodles, spinach, mushrooms, mine and a range of other Malaysian staples and all drenched in their delicious soup. The bowls are generous with plenty of soup and noodles and a decent serving of toppings.

The soup, although very clear, is very tasty and satisfying. It comes out pipping hot and has a good balance of umami and salt tastes. Whenever I finish a bowl, I always feel very satisfied and glad that I finished it. It’s real comfort food made well. The Chadstone branch is just as good as the city branch.

At the Chadstone store, I noticed that they did some rice dishes as well, so I wanted to give them a go to see how good they were. I am sure both stores have the same menu, but never noticed the rice dishes the last time I visited the city branch.

On the day, I ordered a cup of their iced tea, their Spicy Soup Noodle with Beef Balls (which was very spicy) for $14.90, fried fish sticks for $6.90 and their Plum Fried Chicken for $14,90.

Before our dishes came, our hosts served three varieties of spicy sauce. We got chili oil, garlic chili and a kind of siracha sauce. It was a nice gesture and I managed to try them all. I think the tastiest and most addictive would have been the garlic chili. All were very spicy and they all made me sweat a bit.

Some spicy sauces along with Go Noodle House’s signature spicy noodle soup with Beef Balls

I was surprised by the Plumed Fried Chicken which came with a delicious set of fried chicken ribs, a smashed egg (which was oozing) and some fragrant garlic rice for $14.90. This was a real highlight dish and it came with a tasty soup based on their superior soup on the side. All in all, it was really satisfying.

Plum Fried Chicken comes with smashed poached egg on fragrant garlic rice, soup and some fried fish sticks at Go Noodle House

We had excellent service on the day and even with a baby, our hosts were very attentive and provided everything before we thought about it. So, if you are in Chadstone, give this a go since the service is great, and the food is inexpensive and delicious.

Go Noodle House is located on the first floor near all the food stores at Chadstone Shopping Centre, which is located at 1341 Dandenong Road, Malvern East, Victoria 3145, Australia

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