Ajisen Ramen – Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Australia – when you just want consistently good ramen broth and little hassle, or even want to try Gyutan Don


Glen Waverley’s has heaps of really good restaurants along the main road, Kingsway. You can even find some off Kingsway as well, but as most local’s know you want to be on Kingsway since it is prime real estate (i.e. provides your restaurant the most visibility to potential diners). Unfortunately, given that it is prime real estate, the restaurants along the road come and go frequently. But not Ajisen Ramen. It has stuck around through thick and thin for a long time and its been around since who knows when. It has stuck around since I think the ramen is consistent and you are bound to be pleased with whatever you order.

Normally Ajisen Ramen isn’t busy, but there are always people seated whenever I visit or walk past. My observation is that I think it has a consistent crowd.

The famous gyutan rice bowl with chili, lemon and spring onions (e.g. Gyutan Don) at Ajisen Ramen

I usually come for their ramen, because their soup is really, really delicious. It has a tad more oil than the usual ramen soup, but the soup is packed with so much flavor. It is probably why they called the restaurant chain Ajisen Ramen, since ajisen literally means “flavor thousand” in Japanese.

My main disappointment with Ajisen Ramen is that no matter what topping you choose for your ramen, whether its chashu or chicken karaage, you don’t get much topping at all. For instance, if you order Chashu Ramen, you only get around 3 to 4 slices of pork belly but with a good serving of sliced shiitake mushrooms, spring onions and noodles.

Around April 2021, I decided to visit to try something that I have been meaning to try for some time, their Gyutan Don (i.e. ox tongue on rice).

Salmon with yakitori skewer and qyoza bento at Ajisen Ramen

The Gyutan Don is a bowl of rice topped with sliced ox tongue. The ox tongue tastes like a slightly tougher, yet melt in the mouth version of beef with a lot more kick to it. The ox tongue is usually paired with a zest of lemon and chili. It’s a real delicious dish when done well. And they definitely do it well here at Ajisen Ramen.

We also ordered their famous soup and a bento box. The soup was only around $4 and it was a decent serving of soup. The bento box was pretty satisfying as well. If you visit, I would go for their ramen if you have never tried it before. (It’s so of one-of-a-kind.)

The dishes were all around AUD$13 to $20. It wasn’t a super cheap place to eat. For instance, a Seafood Yaki Ramen is AUD$17.

Ajisen Ramen is located on the main road near Springvale Road (which you can see as you drive past on the main road) at 82 Kingsway, Glen Waverley VIC 3150:

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